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  • HRM

    Certificate in Strategic HRM

    • Discuss various  managerial styles in human resource management
    • Apply and assess different systems of management and relate those systems to organisational characteristics
    • Discuss the appropriate style of managerial behaviour
    • Illustrate various strategies in the labour market and products
    • Elaborate the nature of global competition and social and technological trends and their significance for HRM practice
  • Strategic Management

    Certificate in Strategic Management

    • Attempts to facilitate the understanding of the concept of strategy, strategic process and its impact on functional, divisional and corporate levels among the students.
    • Appreciate the concept and meaning of strategy, its development and implementation.
    • Gain a sense of strategy implementation and the control measures for effective decision making.
    • Understand the science behind the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of cross functional decisions that drives the company to achieve its long term and short term goals.
    Strategic Management
  • Supply-logistic

    Certificate in Supply and Logistics Management

    • Discuss the process of value chain analysis and strategic logistic management
    • Summarise the concept of distribution channel structure
    • Illustrate the process of warehouse operations
    • Analyse the importance of catalysts, benefits and value proposition
    • Explain the concept of  logistics outsourcing operations

    Certificate in Total Productivity Management

    • Describe the students of modern approaches in the field of maintenance.
    • Deliver sufficient knowledge base pertaining to maintenance planning and management in industries.
    • Offer better insight into the ongoing global trends, pertaining to maintenance management.
    • Illustrate some of the simple instruments used for condition monitoring in maintenance in the industry.
  • FRCR Part I

    FRCR Part I Preparation

    • FRCR is recognized by the MCI.
    • Video lectures by experienced Royal college certified faculties.
    • Access to 1000+ practice questions.
    • Concentrate upon core topics as well as subjects that candidates often struggle with.
    • Emphasis on preparation techniques, UK guidelines, and basic concepts.
    • Continued online support for exam preparation.
    • Individual attention to students with dedicated student mentor support.
    • User friendly easy to access LMS.
    • The mock exam includes 100 MCQ’s which is similar to the pattern of Royal college exams.
    FRCR Part I
  • Advanced therapies care

    Graduate Certificate in Advanced Therapies and Care for Critically Ill


    At the end of the course, the licensed medical professionals will be able to

    • understand the basic concepts, terms, and definitions related to critical care.
    • know the code management
    • identify the technique of assessment of critically ill patient
    • describe the various therapies required for the critically ill patient
    • develop the skill in various invasive procedures and techniques in the care of the critically ill patient
    • explain the infection prevention and control measures in the critical care unit
    • illustrate the emergency drugs in care of critically ill patient
    Advanced therapies care
  • Aesthetic Medicine

    Graduate certificate in Aesthetic Medicine


    Students will gain thorough knowledge in the basics of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, ethical aspects of practice, and skills to critically analyze and assess risks in each patient and tailor the treatment modalities to get the best outcome.

    Aesthetic Medicine
  • Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)

    Graduate Certificate in Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)


    The learner should be able to evaluate an infertile couple and will be able to select and guide them regarding the suitable Artificial Reproductive Technology.

    Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)
  • ECG Interpretation

    Graduate certificate in ECG Interpretation


    The ability to quickly and accurately interpret a 12 lead ECG is an important part of the routine and emergency patient care for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The Certificate Course in ECG Interpretation has been developed to provide the participants with a high level of knowledge and skills in ECG interpretation and help them recognize of the wide variety of clinical abnormalities.

    ECG Interpretation
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