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    Certification in Building Your Business Case

    • Learn how your company evaluates the business case
    • Deciding about the options which suit organization strategy or goals
    • Understanding each number to build the estimate
    • How to prepare and present your case so that it is strong
    • Documenting the learning while preparing the business case


    Certification in Business Economics

    • Understand the choice under conditions of scarcity
    • Explain the behaviour of individual households, firms, and governments; the choices they make; and their interaction in specific markets.
    • Describe the concept of supply and demand factors prevailing in the environment
    • Understand the various market competition and its impact in the business world
    • Describe the different kinds of market conditions and the role of financial markets for economic growth.

    Certification in Business Environment

    • To learn the different aspects of Strategic Management that have become indispensable in the present day corporate world.
    • To create awareness among the learners about strategic management and management process.
    • To understand and develop the conceptual knowledge of strategic management and Environmental Analysis.
    • To evaluate the knowledge developed by learners on strategic management and company analysis.
    • To create an impact on the mindset of learners on formulating the strategy and analysis.
    • To apply practical implications towards strategic implementation and also to several case studies.


    Certification in Business Law & Ethics

    • Recognize legal issues when making business decisions.
    • Gain an enhanced understanding of legal rules and constraints.
    • To enhance awareness and increase understanding of the nature of business ethics in a global business environment.
    • To examine the ethical implications of business practices from a stakeholder perspective.


    Certification in Coaching Employees

    • Determining the ‘Right Work’ for one’s self in the professional context and identifying the unproductive tasks that one may be spending time on
    • Identifying ways in which one can effectively prioritize the most critical tasks and focus on the same
    • Becoming aware of the perils of multitasking and taking steps to avoid it raise one’s work productivity
    • Understanding & implementing some time-tested & effective rituals & tools to manage one’s workday better
    • Determining how to achieve enhanced outcomes even with lesser resources


    Certification in Communication Skills (Business Communication)

    • Understand how to develop basic and advanced written and verbal communication skills for effective business communication.
    • Convey a credible message and create concise messages using a structured writing process
    • Understanding the purpose, importance, process and barriers of business communication
    • Understanding the general approach to Business Correspondence
    • Use the career skills which are required to obtain success in the workplace.
    • Widen the interpersonal skills that add flavour to the sound, Effective and satisfactory professional social and personal relationships

    Certification in Consumer Behaviour

    • Contrast the similarities and differences while undergoing project
    • Illustrate various concepts with their definitions
    • Infer the society through their research
    • Classify learn the techniques of research carefully
    • Import real-time application of the research


    Certification in E-Business

    • Understand the current status of e-business concepts and follow up its recent development
    • Recognize the key implementation issues along with the e-business system design
    • Design the e-business engineering solution using the e-Business patterns
    • Describe the best practices in e-business engineering system development
    • Elaborate the enterprise data storage technology and management issues for e-Business systems


    Certification in Entrepreneurship

    • To demonstrate a positive attitude towards self-employment among learners
    • To apply essential management, identify viable business opportunities and threats available in business
    • To exhibit factors likely to affect the success of a business and methods to manage the risk
    • Elaborate on the skills needed for a successful enterprise
    • To evaluate the practical implication of corporate entrepreneurship and its importance in business
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