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    Certification in Fundamentals Of Business Environment

    • To familiarize the students with the business environment conditions and their implications in business.
    • To explore the interrelationships among  different environmental factors
    • To understand the role of Trade and Finance in the international standard
    • Identify the concepts to check the conditions of business in the global context
    • To understand the value of information technology in the business world and can recognize to carry it out.

    Certification in Getting Right Work Done

    • Determining the ‘Right Work’ for one’s self in the professional context and identifying the unproductive tasks that one may be spending time on
    • Identifying ways in which one can effectively prioritize the most critical tasks and focus on the same
    • Becoming aware of the perils of multitasking and taking steps to avoid it raise one’s work productivity
    • Understanding & implementing some time-tested & effective rituals & tools to manage one’s workday better
    • Determining how to achieve enhanced outcomes even with lesser resources


    Certification in Health Assessment for Nursing – Advanced Course

    • Gain a deeper understanding of Nutritional Assessment & Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Concept
    • Identify the need and process involved in the Assessment of Neurological System
    • Analyse the importance of Assessment of Motor – Musculoskeletal System
    • Impart knowledge and skills needed for Assessment of Peripheral -Vascular and Lymphatic System


    Certification in Health Assessment for Nursing – Basic Course

    • Provide Knowledge on Assessment techniques in clinical settings
    • Develop insight on the concept of General Survey and Vital Signs
    • Identify the need for the Assessment of Problems & Management – Eye & Ear
    • Analyse the importance of Assessment of Gastrointestinal System & Genitourinary System


    Certification in Health Assessment for Nursing – Foundation Course

    • Document accurately the findings from the health interview and physical assessment
    • Identify the health assessment data and be able to formulate statements relative to their findings
    • Complete assessment of Respiratory System in a systematic manner
    • Complete assessment of Cardiovascular in a systematic manner


    Certification in Health Education for Nursing

    • Gain a deeper understanding of Historical Foundations of Health Education
    • Develop an understanding of general communication strategies and motivational axioms
    • Familiarize the students with principles of clinical teaching
    • Gain enhanced knowledge on Teaching Strategies and Importance of Community Education
    • Understand knowledge dissemination and sharing


    Certification in Human Resource Management


    The course aims to highlight all the underlying concepts of Human resource management and provide various insights on the process, techniques, and reward systems to be followed to enhance the organization’s morality.

    • Recognize the role, importance and functions of HRM and  its effectiveness in an organization
    • Identify the need for training and prepare a blueprint for designing and evaluating the training program
    • Discuss the necessity to study the organizational behaviour injected with different models and approaches
    • Enumerate the need to evaluate the employee performance and to link the same with their payment system
    • Identify the requisite for HRIS implementation in managing the tasks and duties of human resources


    Certification in Leadership And Empowerment

    • Examine the leadership qualities
    • Describe the basic concept of motivation, power, and team dynamics for effective leadership
    • Examine the significance of decision-making and delegation in developing a leadership style
    • Describe the leadership theories
    • Examine the concept of employee relations management and empowerment

    Certification in Leading Organizational Change

    • Develop an understanding of the complexity and dynamics of change in organizations.
    • Elaborate about the various models, theories, tools and techniques of change management
    • Discuss the role of strategic leadership in leading different changes and transitions.
    • Apply the learning to past experiences as a change leader to further create and sustain an organizational culture
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