Certificate in Biostatistics


  • Impart knowledge about the basic concept of biostatistics
  • Recognise different types of data and present them in suitable graphs and diagrams
  • Explain and apply the statistical methods in biomedical and public health research
  • Explain written and oral presentations based on statistical analyses
  • Interpret results acquired from statistical analysis
  • Discuss the designing of statistical models and experiments


Biostatistics provides an introduction to selected important topics in bio-statistical concepts, measures and reasoning. This course imparts knowledge of statistics to the students and its application in biomedical sciences. It represents the need and uses of biostatistics in public health and medicine, data measurement scales, graphical and diagrammatical presentations of various data.


Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

This certification course prepares the learners for jobs at various levels of Biostatistics. Some of the designations that can be achieved on completion of the course include, learners will be able to fit in as an biostatistician, lead biostatistician, manager biostatistics.


Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired an understanding of the following broad topics:

  • Describe descriptive techniques commonly used to summarise biological data
  • Describe descriptive and inferential methodologies according to the type of study design for answering a particular research question
  • Describe common statistical methods for inference
  • Develop written and oral presentations based on statistical analyses for both public health professionals and educated lay audiences
  • Use statistical software to analyse health related data and interpret results of statistical analyses
  • Capability to build statistical model and compare efficiency of models


  • Module 1: Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Module 2: Sampling Distribution, Estimation and Probability
  • Module 3: Test of Significance (Hypothesis Testing)
  • Module 4: Multiple Correlation & Regression Analysis and Statistical Modeling


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