Mode of Study

Mode of Study

The online method comes as standard for all students and is our most popular method.

Online students require a reliable internet connection. Our Student Study Zone allows you to view all of your course material online, anywhere in the world. Students can watch videos, read notes and study illustrations on the computer screen then complete self-assessment quizzes to gauge their learning.

Assignment submission and Self Tests are also will be completed online. When you enroll and payment has been received, access to the course material is available within a week’s time.


Advantages of online learning or E-Learning

1. Flexibility and accessibility which allows students to fit learning around their busy lifestyles.

2. Online learning is more affordable than traditional learning, which is not affordable as it is said so.

3. Value for money is vital key as the programs are tailor-made to fit around student’s individual needs.

4. Online education provides a high quality but possibly more economical form of education and has the ability to link people internationally.

5. Online education also offers broader opportunities to people and expands the reach of education more than any other method of delivery.


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