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    Certification in Nursing Research – Advanced Course

    • Gain a deeper understanding of the Purpose of Interpreting Data
    • Get inspired by the different types of research reports
    • Become familiar with the Ethical Dilemmas in Conducting Research
    • Understand the relationship between theory and research


    Certification in Nursing Research – Basic Course

    • Gain a deeper understanding of Classical Experimental Research Design
    • Get inspired by the new techniques and methods in Sampling Methods
    • A brief insight into Data Collection Methods
    • Understand the types of differential and inferential statistics


    Certification in Nursing Research – Foundation Course

    • Gain a deeper understanding of components of the research process
    • Get inspired by the new techniques and methods in the research process
    • Know the Evolution of Nursing Research and Historical Events of Nursing Research
    • Understand the Importance of Research Process


    Certification in Organizational Behaviour

    • Extend global awareness and the cultural sensitivities required to communicate successfully in a diverse and multi-cultural marketplace.
    • Explore a range of ethical perspectives to gain experience in analyzing everyday life and invoicing moral values under challenging situations.
    • Identify various tools and techniques to up-skill self and emerge as a talented manager from all degrees.
    • Diagnose a clear perspective to handle human behaviours and issues effectively in organizations.
    • Enlightens each individual with the principles and practices of OB concepts to the changing landscape.
    • Demonstrate different models of behaviours and their influence in choosing an organizational structure.

    Certification in Principle Of Accounting

    • Explain the basic concepts and processes of recording accounting transactions
    • Illustrate the preparation of the Income Statement
    • Identify ratios in Financial Statements
    • Show the methods and calculations of the Cash Flow Statement
    • Demonstrate the analysis of financial statements using various tools


    Certification in Principle Of Marketing

    • To introduce the marketing concept and discuss the external factors of marketing.
    • To Impart Strategic planning and its analysis in changing Marketing Scenario.
    • Explain the different levels at which strategic planning may occur within firms.
    • Identify and classify marketing segments and targets, demonstrating the use of marketing research techniques.
    • Analyze why positioning is an important element when it comes to targeting consumers.
    • Illustrate the forms of market research and the importance of market intelligence.


    Certification in Principles Of Management


    The main objectives of this course are to help the students implement Principles of Management in their profession and positively advance their progress and make them successful entrepreneurs and responsible citizens, family members, employees, occupiers/directors and whatnot. The students who are from different backgrounds will be pursuing their studies along with their professional careers. This course is the backbone of all management related courses. Application of these principles into action in student life and their workplace every day, correlating these principles with personal life situations is called internalization. The best way to learn any subject is to internalize it.

    Certification in Project Management

    • Elaborate the stakeholder roles in the given project management environment
    • Select the project based on financial parameters
    • Illustrate which estimation technique to be used under which condition
    • Identify the risk for the project, analysis the risk and add contingencies to the budget
    • Interpret the deliverables met as per the customer expectations
    • Cite the final project close out report


    Certification in Public Health Leadership and Systems Thinking

    • Provide insights into theories and models of leadership and organizational environment and behaviours
    • Provide an overview of Systems Thinking and different models in public health
    • Explain how public health leadership skills can be applied in a new policy and changing program environment
    • Provide case studies from international experiences in different contexts on how Systems Thinking worked