Certification in Sanatana Dharma

Certification in Sanatana Dharma

The term Sanatana Dharma, definitely grounded in and distinctively Hindu, belonging to Bharatavarsha, unites under its fold the most divergent forms of thought and philosophies, yet exclusive enough to leave outside it forms of thought which are non-Hindu. Its directives are towards building up a character – pious, dutiful, strong, self reliant, upright, righteous, gentle and well-balanced – a character which will be that of a good man and a good citizen.


It refers to the “eternal” truth and teachings of Hinduism. It can also be translated as “the natural and eternal way to live”. The term is used in Indian languages alongside the more common Hindu Dharma for Hinduism. Sanatana Dharma can also denote the list of ‘eternal’ or absolute duties and practices.

About 6000 years ago, there was only one religion in the whole world, whose name was Sanatana Dharma and also called Vedic Religion. The simple meaning of Sanatan is to live life in the manner described in the Vedas.

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Duration 2 Months
Certificate Certificate of Completion

Learning Outcome

Develop a sound understanding of the notion of Sanatana Dharma and understand the important role it plays in every individual’s self-evolution.

Develop a deep appreciation and meaning to some of the things that we do in our daily lives and confidently educate our children, help them inculcate some of the ideas in their lives.

Learn specific ideas of how one can become more compliant of Sanatana Dharma and Proudly disseminate these ideas to others with conviction and comfort of thought.


  • Module 1: Basic Hindu religious Ideas
  • Module 2: Principles of Sanatana Dharma
  • Module 3: General Hindu Religious Customs and rights
  • Module 4: Ethical Teachings

2 Months

Certificate of Completion

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69% got a tangible career benefit from this course

30% got a pay increase or promotion

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