Professional Certificate in Sales Differentiation


  • Interpret the meaning of sales differentiator
  • Explain the importance of sales differentiator
  • Determine role of salesperson in creating sales differentiator
  • Discuss one of the ways to identify sales differentiators


Learning about sales differentiation and creating true differentiators will help salespeople accomplish great business results. In sales, a differentiator is not just about “What you sell” but also about “How you sell”. Differentiation refers to the process of distinguishing between two or more things or people. The process of identifying a sales differentiator is not only helpful but critical to the selling process in a fiercely competitive world.

Sales Differentiation

Additional information


5 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

After completing the course on sales differentiation, you will develop your selling skills and will try to focus more on customer delight. You will find better carrier opportunities in the field of customer service, sales and marketing.

Sales Differentiation

Learning Outcome

  • Recognise the importance of sales differentiator
  • Describe the role of salesperson in creating sales differentiator
  • Understand decision influencers
  • Apply method to identify sales differentiators
Sales Differentiation


  • Module 1: Introduction to sales differentiation
    Module 2: Finding sales differentiators
    Module 3: Conveying sales differentiators
    Module 4: How you sell – a differentiator
    Module 5: The art of query
    Module 6: Request for Proposal, References & Differentiation
    Module 7: Differentiation strategy
Sales Differentiation


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