Business Management

Business & Management Programs provides you with an educational experience that yields a responsible and responsive global leadership to positively impact employees, customers, owners, and other relevant communities. Short Term Certificate Courses in Business & Management include Business Economics, General Management, HR Management and many more. Texila eLearning renders you an opportunity to explore the Business Management programs in depth in a shorter duration ranging from few months to a year.

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  • Certificate in accounting and finance

    Certificate in Accounting and Finance

    • Read and understand financial statements
    • Financial statement analysis
    • How to use accounting information to plan and control your business and make decisions
    Certificate in accounting and finance
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion

    Certificate in Advertising and Sales Promotion

    • Gain a deeper understanding of advertising and the various strategies involved in effective advertisement.
    • Get inspired by the new techniques and methods in setting advertising objectives.
    • Become an expert in designing strategies for media planning and for various sales promotion techniques
    Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • Banking and Financial Services

    Certificate in Banking and Financial Services

    • Attempts to facilitate the understanding of the concept.
    • Understand the range of services offered by the industry
    • Gain a sense of the role of Banking and Financial Services in the growth of a country’s economy.
    • Understand the math behind the various policies of Banks and Financial Services
    Banking and Financial Services
  • Re-engineering

    Certificate in Business Process Re-Engineering

    • Discuss the concept, evolution and philosophy of Business Process Reengineering.
    • Elaborate  the different BPR Methodologies, models, techniques and approaches
    • Outline the various elements of Business Process Management and its relationship with BPR
    • Analyse the relationship between BPR, Information Technology and various emerging trends and approaches.
  • Research Methods

    Certificate in Business Research Methods

    • Impart knowledge and skills needed for conducting and evaluating business research
    • Develop an understanding of the basic framework of research process
    • Familiarize the students to the types of research designs
    • Inculcate a sense of understanding various sources of information for review of literature and data collecting
    • Develop analytical skills of business research
    • Develop the skills of scientific communication
    Research Methods
  • Consumer Behaviour

    Certificate in Consumer Behaviour

    • Understand the basic concepts of consumer behaviour along with its application in purchase decisions
    • Examine and explore the reasons and motives for consumer buying behavior
    • Investigate and probe the relationship existing between internal and external influences like psychological, social and cultural drives and consumer buying behaviour
    • Discover the dynamics of human behaviour and the factors influencing consumer buying / decision making behaviour
    Consumer Behaviour
  • corporate-fiance

    Certificate in Corporate Finance

    • Describe the financial objectives of the business
    • Develop a working knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework and analytical techniques involved in investment and financing decisions.
    • Identify the need for calculating cost of capital
    • Examine the significance of dividend policy
    • Develop a working knowledge and understanding of the factors involved in working capital management
  • Cost Management

    Certificate in Cost and Management Policy

    • To introduce the theoretical conceptsof cost and management accounting
    • To describe the basic concepts and processes of material, labour and overhead cost
    • To explain the various types of costing and budgeting
    • To develop the practical knowledge and skills in various modern cost and management accounting
    • To enable the business decision making skills based on the cost details and statements
    Cost Management
  • Digital Marketing

    Certificate in Digital Marketing

    • Explain various digital marketing techniques
    • Differentiate SEO and SEM
    • List various metrics and analytics used to measure business performance
    • Discuss various brand building techniques which can be employed in online channels
    • List various techniques of improving return of investment made for digital marketing campaigns
    Digital Marketing