Professional Certificate in Delivering Effective Feedback


  • Understanding the concept of feedback and why it is important
  • Getting an insight into the various types of feedback
  • Knowing what makes feedback effective
  • Identifying the fears associated with feedback
  • Understanding the importance of setting clear goals & expectations


In this session, we will understand the concept of feedback, what makes feedback effective, why is it important, the types of feedback and the fears associated with feedback. We will also get an insight into one of the bedrocks of an effective feedback process – that is ‘setting clear expectations’.


Additional information


5 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

After completing this course you will master the skill of giving effective feedback to your reportees. You will find better career opportunities as an operations manager, project manager, program manager, sales and marketing manager etc.


Learning Outcome

  • Clearly define the concept of feedback and highlight its importance
  • Identify the various types of feedback
  • Explain what makes feedback more effective
  • Overcome the fear of giving feedback
  • Set SMART Goals


  • Module 1: Setting the Tone – The ‘WHAT’ & ‘WHY’ of Feedback
  • Module 2: Identifying the Right Situation & Timing – The ‘WHEN’ & ‘WHERE’ of Feedback
  • Module 3: Getting Down to Work – The ‘HOW’ of Feedback
  • Module 4: Engaging the Feedback Receiver – The Coaching Way
  • Module 5: Taking The Next Step – Developing an Action Plan
  • Module 6: Dealing with Difficult Feedback Situations
  • Module 7: Creating a Receptive Climate for Feedback


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