Certificate in Total Productivity Management


  • Describe the students of modern approaches in the field of maintenance.
  • Deliver sufficient knowledge base pertaining to maintenance planning and management in industries.
  • Offer better insight into the ongoing global trends, pertaining to maintenance management.
  • Illustrate some of the simple instruments used for condition monitoring in maintenance in the industry.


This course will involve the primary focus of constant improvement in the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as it relates to equipment and capital assets. Total Productivity Management (TPM) focuses on getting managers, maintenance personnel and equipment users all working together to prevent equipment problems and reduce expenditures.

By giving ownership and responsibility of equipment and processes to the right employees, equipment breakdowns are reduced. TPM brings maintenance into focus as a necessary and vitality important part of the business. TPM is used at all levels of the organisation.

TPM is team-based productive maintenance and requires active participation by everyone from production workers and maintenance personnel to engineering departments and top management.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

After successful completion for this certification course on Total Productivity Management, students can find job opportunities in the manufacturing and production department of organisations. They can start their career as a supervisor or analyst and with experience can move up the ladder as a manager, senior manager, general manager production etc.

Learning Outcome

  • Explain the benefits of implementing TPM in a facility and its relevance in enhancing the productivity in industries.
  • Acquire skills in online condition monitoring techniques and maintenance logistics.
  • Develop competency in initiating and managing TPM tools in a manufacturing organisation.
  • Define the categories that contribute to overall equipment effectiveness


  • Module 1: Total Productive Maintenance
  • Module 2: Equipment Maintenance
  • Module 3: TPM Pillars and Maintenance Management
  • Module 4: Reliability Centred Maintenance and TPM Implementation


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