Professional Certificate in Conflict Management


  • Interpret the meaning of conflict
  • Explain the disadvantages associated with conflict
  • Determine role of an individual’s view in conflict
  • Explain the four basic personality types


Individuals are bound to face conflict when they come in contact with one another, based on personal values, tastes, needs, preferences and so on.  It is important to note how words can play an important role in managing conflicts. Right usage of words can heal, unite or create harmony and avoid conflicts. Conflicts result in a waste of time, effort and money, impact relationships, and costly damages to an individual or an organization.


Additional information


5 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

The art of dispute resolution is very critical for the smooth functioning of the organization. After successful completion of this course you can find better career opportunities in the field of industrial relations, corporate communication, media, sales and marketing.


Learning Outcome

  • Recognise the negative impacts of conflicts
  • Understand role of experiences and views of individuals
  • Understand opinions as points of view
  • Explore different perspectives for solutions


  • Module 1: Introduction to conflict management
  • Module 2: Fight the difference or celebrate it
  • Module 3: Building a bridge or barrier
  • Module 4: Understanding and managing feelings
  • Module 5: Skills & Choices to manage conflict
  • Module 6: Steps to resolution
  • Module 7: Preventing conflict


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