Certificate in Public Health Nutrition


  • Understand the principles and concepts of Public health nutrition.
  • Learn nutritional epidemiology and its applications in research and development.
  • Critically analyse global food security issues and its implications on nutrition and health.
  • Develop insights on international, national and local public health nutrition programmes to address malnutrition-under nutrition and over nutrition.
  • Appraise the different e-tools to improve population nutrition.


Public Health Nutrition (PHN) course aims to equip students with the knowledge of community nutrition, national and international nutrition programmes and interventions. The programme strengthens students skills to develop, implement and evaluate the nutrition programmes and policies to address the different nutritional problems with greater impact and efficiency. Also, the course envisages to develop an evidence-based approach to address the nutritional problems and to reduce the risk for malnutrition in different populations. Global nutrition challenges differ and the solutions to address these public health challenges should be tailored to the context. The developing countries have double or triple burden of diseases to address and solutions to improve the scenario using both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive approach are pertinent.

Public Health Nutrition

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

After successful completion of the short – term course Public Health Nutrition students can take up career’s like Nutritionists, Community Planners, Social Workers, Public Health Physicians, Public Policy Makers, Sanitarians etc.

Public Health Nutrition

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills acquired during the course Public Health Nutrition to improve population health.
  • Apply the principles of nutrition epidemiology in research and development sectors
  • Develop innovative solutions to alleviate the issues of food security and food safety.
  • Evaluate and create context-specific health promotion strategies to prevent and reduce non communicable group of diseases
  • Use the e-health tools to form solutions for the existing public health nutrition challenges
Public Health Nutrition


  • Module 1: Public Health Nutrition
  • Module 2: Public Health Nutrition Challenges
  • Module 3: Global Food and Nutrition Issues
  • Module 4: Nutrition Education and Behaviour Change
Public Health Nutrition


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