Certificate in Advanced Research Methodology


  • Describe the scientific method as it is applied to research in public health practice.
  • Identification of the research problem and defining objectives of the study. Describe the relevance of the problem chosen for research, through good literature review.
  • Identify an appropriate study design and apply it to produce valid results.
  • Describe effectively and interpret the present results to fellow scientists and investigators, policy-makers and administrators, and the public.
  • Demonstrate the proposal writing to funding agencies for grant of funds. Be responsive to ethical issues and safeguard the interest of all stakeholders.


The course aims to give students a broad understanding of research methodology. This course will provide an opportunity for students to establish their understanding of research methodology through critical exploration of research concepts, ethics, and approaches. The course introduces the principle of research, ethics and challenges, and the elements of the research process within quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches. Participants will use these theoretical underpinnings to begin to critically review literature relevant to their field or interests and determine how research findings are useful in forming their understanding of their work, social, local and global environment.

The primary objective of this course is to develop a research orientation among the students and to acquaint them with fundamentals of research methods. Specifically, the course aims at introducing them to the basic concepts used in research and to scientific social research methods and their approach. It includes discussions on sampling techniques, research designs and techniques of analysis.

Research Methodology

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the short – term course on Research Methodology students will be able to excel in the key areas of research by acquiring knowledge starting from the basics to the advanced level. Student will be able to design an agenda for their research works with professionalism.

Research Methodology

Learning Outcome

  • Understand purpose, scope and scientific basis of research in public health practice. Identify a relevant researchable question and find a research design suitable to address it.
  • Explain the study population and select representative sample from it to collect data using reliable questionnaire.
  • Report valid conclusions from the data using appropriate statistical procedures.
  • Construct articles for publication in selected peer reviewed indexed scientific journals for successful publication and understand proposals writing to funding agencies for grant of funds to support the study.
  • To understand relevant ethical issues and ensure complete adherence to ethical norms to safeguard the interests of study subjects, funding agency and the researcher.
Research Methodology


  • Module 1: Introduction to Research, Research Problem and Research Design
  • Module 2: Designing & Executing the study and Writing Grant Proposals
  • Module 3: Data Processing and Ethical Issues in Health Research
  • Module 4: Reporting of research findings and Publication of Research Findings
Research Methodology


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