Certificate in Advertising and Sales Promotion


  • Gain a deeper understanding of advertising and the various strategies involved in effective advertisement.
  • Get inspired by the new techniques and methods in setting advertising objectives.
  • Become an expert in designing strategies for media planning and for various sales promotion techniques


Advertising and sales promotion are the effective elements of the promotion mix. By large the companies now focus and invest more in advertising. Due to the invention of various technological developments, it has become more important for all the companies to work on the effective advertising strategies with the help of the digital media. To grab the wide market it is essential for the companies to devise various sale promotion techniques too. This program will help the learners to have a deeper understanding of the basics of advertising, its process and the various techniques. Learners will also have an in-depth understanding of the techniques involved in sales promotion.

Advertising and Sales Promotion

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2 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Career opportunities in advertising include openings in private advertising agencies, advertising departments in private or public sector companies.

  • Executive account planning
  • Dir. Account planning
  • Chief creative director
  • Executive media director
  • Public affairs consultant
  • Public relations officer
  • Sales promotion accounts – executive
Advertising and Sales Promotion

Learning Outcome

Upon completion the student will be able to able to understand the growth and changing role of advertising industry and the contribution advertising makes to the marketing strategy. Also the students get to know how to plan sales promotion strategy and programmes

Advertising and Sales Promotion


Overview of Advertising Management: Introduction, Meaning and Framework of Advertising; Defining Advertising; Role of Advertising in Marketing Mix and Positioning;

Structure of an Advertising Agency: Introduction, Overview of an Advertising Agency; Choosing an Advertising Agency; Departments of an Advertising Agency, Creative department, Media department, Client servicing department, marketing research department; Ancillary Services

Setting Advertising objectives advertising budget: Introduction, Marketing Objectives; Advertising Objectives, Sales-oriented/ Behavioural objectives, Communication-oriented objectives; The DAGMAR Approach to Setting Objectives and Measuring, Advertising Effectiveness, Factors Influencing Budget Setting, Common Budgeting Approaches, Budgeting Methods

Advertising Copy and media planning: Introduction, Advertising Copy, Types of advertising copy; Copy Testing Methods; Visual Strategies, Art department specialists, developing a layout Media Planning: Introduction, Media Objectives; Media Options; Measuring Media Audiences; Media Schedule Decisions; Space and Time Buying; Cost Considerations

Sales Promotion: Introduction, Meaning and Importance of Sales Promotion; Strengths and Limitations of Sales Promotion; Difference between Sales Promotion and Advertising; Tools and Techniques of Consumer Sales Promotion; Trade Promotions; Organising Sales Promotion Campaigns

Sales promotion- requirement identification-requirement of sales promotion campaign-involvement of sales man and dealers- integration promotion- coordination within various promotion techniques.

Advertising and Sales Promotion


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