Certificate in Legal Aspects in Business


  • Describe the concept of legal aspects in business.
  • Analyze the various business legislative frameworks.
  • Illustrate the process, types and significance of law as a basis for effective business.
  • Elaborate the detailed exposure to students on various real time cases like Indian and African contents.
  • Explain the domestic and global environment issues in operating a business
  • Relate the impact of environment on business in an integrated manner


Legal aspects are an essential part of a fertile business atmosphere in any country. They reflect the policy agenda and the mindset of the Legislative structure of that country. They ensure that every company is operating as per the constitutional background of the country. Every organisation must take into account this legal set up while framing the basic aims and objects of its company. This is because; it is essential for efficient and healthy running of the organisation and helps it to know about the privileges, accountabilities as well as the experiments that it may have to face.

Important aspect of legislatures are industrial relations, which contains various aspects of interfaces between the employer and the employees; among the employees as well as between the employers. In such dealings whenever there is a clash of interest, it may result in frustration for either of the parties complicated and hence lead to industrial disputes or clashes.

There are several legislations which regulate the conditions of occupation, work atmosphere and other welfare necessities of assured specific productions.

Aspects in Business

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Importance of legal knowledge in business is increasing day by day. After successful completion of the short term course in Legal Aspect of Business, students can find job opportunities in private and government sector. They can also explore opportunities in multi-national companies and international organisations. They can start their career as business and legal analyst, managers, legal consultants etc.

Aspects in Business

Learning Outcome

  • Develop the knowledge on industrial legal. Aspects
  • Extend the basic knowledge in legal concepts like Contracts, Instruments, Acts, Trade Unions, Right in the industries.
  • Apply past legislative situations in real time industrial disputes to business entities.
  • Examine the cons and reverse effects of the organisations leading to failure, if the administrators refuse to adopt the legislative regulations.
  • Identify the insights on various legislative standards and legislative systems.
  • Describe the importance of every act and implications of legal business aspects.
Aspects in Business


  • Module 1: Introduction to business legislation and law of contract
  • Module 2: Company Law & Law of Partnership
  • Module 3: Industrial Law
  • Module 4: Regulations to Information, Intellectual Property Act & Foreign Exchange management Act
Aspects in Business


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