Business Management

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    Certificate in Managerial Economics

    • Discuss the concept of demand and supply
    • Emphasize the different economic approaches in making the effective business decisions
    • Discuss the different marketing structure in competitive markets
    • Analyse the operation of the business within the economic environment
  • Marketing Management

    Certificate in Marketing Management

    • The primary objective of this course is to explain the theory and practice of marketing management enabling the students to appreciate the need to be holistic and customer centric while designing and implementing marketing programmes in today’s competitive global economy.
    • The course will guide the students in crafting the marketing mix systematically.
    • The course will focus on frameworks and tools for market segmentation, targeting and positioning for successful brand building.
    • The course will throw light on the dynamics of new marketing realities and will provide insights on how marketers create, communicate and deliver value to the customers profitably.
    Marketing Management
  • Material Management

    Certificate in Material Management

    • Understand the basics of operating environment, manufacturing planning and control system and resource planning
    • Study the materials requirement planning, manufacturing resource planning and production control with codification
    • Learn the inventory policies, retail discounting model and newsvendor model
    • Understand forecasting and purchasing management and specific purchasing activities
    Material Management
  • Organisational Theory

    Certificate in Organisational Theory Design & Development

    • Understand the basic concept of organizational development
    • Examine the Change process in an organization
    • Analyse the Organizational Development Process
    • Learn the OD interventions required to enhance the managerial capability of an individual
    Organisational Theory

    Certificate in Performance and Compensation Management

    • Understand the logical extension of  performance measurement by planning and budgeting exercise that happens before a company’s fiscal year
    • Identify the Marketing performance metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing professionals but also for non-marketing executives
    • Illustrate the benefits of compensation function
    • Upon completion, the student should be able to recognise how pay decisions help the organisation achieve a competitive advantage
    • Analyse, integrate, and apply the knowledge to solve compensation related problems in organisations

    Certificate in Principles of Management

    • Explain the basic concepts of management
    • Application of the key management concepts in decision making
    • Understand the role of management and the manager’s activities in an organisation
  • Process Management

    Certificate in Process Management

    • Understand the Basics of Process
    • Demonstrate the Process flow for various processes
    • Explain the Simulation and modeling methods to understand the dynamic nature of business process
    • Apply and analyze the methods of Planning for improvement of the Processes involved through Optimization
    Process Management
  • Product Planning

    Certificate in Product Planning

    • Discuss the concept and stages of product life cycle in an organization
    • Learn the marketing strategies at each stage of new product development
    • Develop a New Product Development (NPD) Plan for a new product or service concept by applying the new product development framework utilized throughout the course
    • Discuss the brand elements, brand strategies, brand identity, brand equity, brand loyalty and brand valuation
    • Ethics to be followed in branding
    Product Planning

    Certificate in Quality Management

    • Discuss various concept, principles and parameters of quality circles in manufacturing and service sector.
    • Explain different quality management frameworks.
    • Illustrate the types of reliability, process capability and  significance of statistical process control for effective management of quality.
    • Relate the stages and principles in failure mode effect analysis and house of quality
    • Discuss the importance of performance excellence and organisational change by TQM.