Business Management

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    Certification in Qualitative And Quantitative Methodology For Applied Business Research

    • Develop a research orientation among the unit scholars
    • Create a robust familiarization with the fundamentals of research
    • Familiarize with the research methodology, research methods both quantitative and qualitative
    • Formulate and present effective business and research proposals
    • Familiarize with different kinds of report writing

    Certification in Research Methodology

    • Contrast the similarities and differences while undergoing project
    • Illustrate various concepts with their definitions
    • Infer the society through their research
    • Classify learn the techniques of research carefully
    • Import real-time application of the research


  • CRM

    Professional Certificate in Customer Relationship Management

    • To study how customer relations is related to other business functions and its importance to the success of the business entity
    • To Study the importance of attitude and customer education as it relates to Customer relationship Management
    • To Understand good Customer relationship Management practices and techniques and how to apply them
    • To know the sound Integrated Marketing Communications plan for Maintaining good Customer relations with latest Technology