Business Management

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  • Security-analysis

    Certificate in Security Analysis

    • Develop an  emphasises on the role of modern financial theory in portfolio management.
    • Identify the importance of financial markets, trading, security valuation, diversification and asset allocation, and modern asset pricing models.
    • Illustrate the concepts of performance measurement, active portfolio management, financial derivatives, and fixed income securities.
    • Understand the Strategic working of financial markets, to analyse securities, and to make intelligent investment decisions based on available evidence and analysis.
    • Discuss the importance of financial articles and news with a critical approach.
    Certificate in Security Analysis
  • Social Psychology

    Certificate in Social Psychology

    • To analyse and understand about self
    • To understand why people think, feel, and behave the way they do
    • To be able to predict and influence others’ behaviour
    Social Psychology
  • Cost Management

    Certificate in Strategic Cost Management

    • Describe the strategic cost management concepts, frameworks, and applications.
    • Examine the skills necessary to interpret complex financial and operational data that can drive recommendations to internal & external stakeholders
    • Describe the role of cost information in organisations
    • Know the business and finance acumen necessary to interpreting strategic level issues impacting an organisation
    • Examine the decision making skills necessary to succeed in a strategic analysis.
    Cost Management
  • HRM

    Certificate in Strategic HRM

    • Discuss various  managerial styles in human resource management
    • Apply and assess different systems of management and relate those systems to organisational characteristics
    • Discuss the appropriate style of managerial behaviour
    • Illustrate various strategies in the labour market and products
    • Elaborate the nature of global competition and social and technological trends and their significance for HRM practice
  • Supply-logistic

    Certificate in Supply and Logistics Management

    • Discuss the process of value chain analysis and strategic logistic management
    • Summarise the concept of distribution channel structure
    • Illustrate the process of warehouse operations
    • Analyse the importance of catalysts, benefits and value proposition
    • Explain the concept of  logistics outsourcing operations

    Certificate in Total Productivity Management

    • Describe the students of modern approaches in the field of maintenance.
    • Deliver sufficient knowledge base pertaining to maintenance planning and management in industries.
    • Offer better insight into the ongoing global trends, pertaining to maintenance management.
    • Illustrate some of the simple instruments used for condition monitoring in maintenance in the industry.

    Certification in Advance Application Of Practice Based Research In Public Health

    • Develop a research orientation among the unit scholars
    • Create a robust familiarization with the fundamentals of research
    • Familiarize with the research methodology, research methods both quantitative and qualitative
    • Formulate and present effective business and research proposals
    • Familiarize with different kinds of report writing

    Certification in Advanced Strategic Management

    • Discuss strategy basics, fundamentals of strategy and how it is vital to the business.
    • Explain how strategies formulated in business are implemented and controlled.
    • Understanding the various concepts, approaches, models, philosophies related to Strategic management
    • Remembering the ethics, responsibility and values in business. Understanding the recent trends in strategies for business.

    Certification in Basic Strategic Management

    • To learn the different aspects of Strategic Management that have become indispensable in the present day corporate world.
    • To create awareness among the learners about strategic Management and management process.
    • To understand and develop the conceptual knowledge of strategic management and Environmental Analysis.
    • To evaluate the knowledge developed by learners on strategic management and company analysis.
    • To create an impact on the mindset of learners on formulating the strategy and analysis.
    • To apply practical implications towards strategic implementation and also to several case studies.