Certification in Qualitative And Quantitative Methodology For Applied Business Research


  • Develop a research orientation among the unit scholars
  • Create a robust familiarization with the fundamentals of research
  • Familiarize with the research methodology, research methods both quantitative and qualitative
  • Formulate and present effective business and research proposals
  • Familiarize with different kinds of report writing


The course builds a strong understanding and foundation of the Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies with essential tools of Applied Business Research. The system would be a learning achievement for all those who aspire to be practising managers and master the knowledge and skill of pragmatic decision making in the real business context. It establishes confidence in evidence-based insights backed by a solid conceptual framework which provides a good foundation of sound management action. The course focuses on theoretical conceptualizations and maps a connection between the various operating factors integral to business research, Principles of research design, exploring background information, literature review, sampling, data collection, data analysis, articulating a research question and structuring a research proposal.

The course will explore and establish a thorough understanding of the quantitative and qualitative research methods and build an appropriate framework for researching real-time business problems. By the end of the course, the students will create powerful business research reports and effectively present them.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed as Qualitative Research Investigator, Qualitative Research Investigator, Research Analyst, Researcher, Research Manager, and Market Research Analyst.

Learning Outcome

  • Familiarize with the knowledge of research and basic framework of the research process
  • Equip the learners with high order skills of analysis, critical reflection, evaluation and application imperative to work through and address an identified research problem
  • Elaborate the various research designs and techniques
  • Develop and use an actionable business and research proposal
  • Comprehend the guidelines for writing a good research report and thesis


  • Module 1: Introduction to Business Research
  • Module 2: Defining an Information Universe and Developing a Research Design
  • Module 3: Qualitative Research Techniques and Analysis
  • Module 4: Quantitative Research Techniques and Analysis


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