Certification in Organizational Behaviour


  • Extend global awareness and the cultural sensitivities required to communicate successfully in a diverse and multi-cultural marketplace.
  • Explore a range of ethical perspectives to gain experience in analyzing everyday life and invoicing moral values under challenging situations.
  • Identify various tools and techniques to up-skill self and emerge as a talented manager from all degrees.
  • Diagnose a clear perspective to handle human behaviours and issues effectively in organizations.
  • Enlightens each individual with the principles and practices of OB concepts to the changing landscape.
  • Demonstrate different models of behaviours and their influence in choosing an organizational structure.


The course explores the role of culture in shaping human experience and understanding and engages students in discussions regarding global competence, cultural intelligence, and the challenges and opportunities of living and working inter-culturally. The course introduces students to basic principles of globalization and encourages them to integrate their academic coursework with their work experiences, career development goals and personal skills and values.

In our competitive, complex, and constantly changing world, organizations must be both efficient and effective in what they do. To do this, organizations must have competent employees who know how to reach organizational goals. As a result, it is vital to understand how to build and maintain a qualified and cooperative workforce. So, while working in an organization, it is very important to understand others behaviour as well as make others understand ours. To maintain a healthy working environment and achieve, employees need to adapt to the environment and understand the goals. It becomes easy if we understand the study about Organizational Behaviour.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed as Career Options for Organizational Behavior Graduates, Management Analysts/Consultants, and Management analysts, Human Resource Professionals, Training and Development Managers

Learning Outcome

  • Develop awareness of different organizational behaviours with respect to intercultural ethics, etiquette, and business practices.
  • Develop a unique organizational behaviour and culture, to incorporate and compare the key dimensions across global cultures.
  • Assess the potential effects of a variety of tools and techniques to maximize the benefits in terms of learning the behaviours.
  • Develop greater insight into their own behaviour to match and tackle various interpersonal, group and team situations.
  • Predict and address various challenges of the organization by managing the human behaviours and by updating the changes.
  • Build different concepts falling under an organizational structure based on varying trends.


  • Module 1: Introducing Organizational Behaviour
  • Module 2: Work-Related Attitudes and Values
  • Module 3: Groups and Teams in the Workplace
  • Module 4: Organisational Structure


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