Certification in Research Methodology


  • Contrast the similarities and differences while undergoing project
  • Illustrate various concepts with their definitions
  • Infer the society through their research
  • Classify learn the techniques of research carefully
  • Import real-time application of the research



Research Methodology may be a hands‐on course designed to impart education within the foundational methods and techniques of educational research in social sciences and business management contexts. Research scholars would examine and be practically exposed to the most components of a search framework i.e., problem definition, research design, data collection, ethical issues in research, report writing, and presentation. Once equipped with this information, participants would be well‐placed to conduct disciplined research under supervision in a neighbourhood of their choosing. In addition to their application in a tutorial setting, many of the methodologies discussed during this course would be almost like those deployed in professional research environments. Social science research allows scholars to form a sense of the social world, to get why people think and act like they are doing and the way important institutions act. The main purpose of this course is to supply the students with a broad introduction to the methodological foundations and tools to review mass communications. But a secondary purpose is to convince that the methods of scientific discovery are often fun. Most of the topics will focus on the fundamentals of quantitative social science and applied research, although the students will also explore qualitative research. You will learn how to identify problems to study, develop hypotheses and research questions, specify independent and dependent variables, check for the validity and reliability of studies and design research projects. The students will be exposed to the broad range of styles utilized in communication research from laboratory and field experiments, surveys, content analysis, focus groups and in-depth interviewing.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Upon completion, learners should be able to identify key areas in research methods, understand the issues related to identifying and reframing problems for research and differentiate business and management’s research from other kinds of research. Scientist, Data Analyst, Research Coordinator are roles, that will be appropriate in any organization.

Learning Outcome

  • Summarize the similarities and differences between the day-to-day project works carried out as a managers
  • Classify between informal definitions of research and more formal definitions
  • Extract the knowledge creation is usefully viewed as a social activity
  • Discover that good research depends on the careful application of the technique in execution and reporting
  • Categories the ways in which the approach taken in this workbook matches the requirements of any professional body that may be involved.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Research Methodology and Data collection
  • Module 2: Sampling, Hypothesis and Measurement Testing
  • Module 3: Non Parametric and Parametric Testing
  • Module 4: Interpretation and Report Writing


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