Certification in Principle Of Accounting


  • Explain the basic concepts and processes of recording accounting transactions
  • Illustrate the preparation of the Income Statement
  • Identify ratios in Financial Statements
  • Show the methods and calculations of the Cash Flow Statement
  • Demonstrate the analysis of financial statements using various tools



Here goes a saying ‘Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Mathematics teaches us to count at a younger age. We need business activities to survive. As businesses grow, mere counting of money spent is just insufficient. They need Accounting skills as well! The Course ‘Principles of Accounting’ gives the learner just that.

The course provides information to decision-makers who are external to the business. The course will also highlight the basic concept of accounting which is the systematic process of measuring the economic activity of a business to provide helpful information to those who make economic decisions. It lets them focus on how the accounting policies impact the financial decisions at organisations.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, learners will be able to take effective decisions on applying the accounting equations to financial transactions, methods and calculations of Cash flow Statements and the ability to critique modern accounting and business theories, standards and techniques and to formulate and evaluate options and solutions to accounting and managerial issues across a broad range of business environment.

Learning Outcome

  • Apply the accounting equations to financial transactions
  • Categorize financial transactions under various heads of Income Statements
  • Examine the Financial Statements with the help of a ratio
  • Analyze the liquidity of the business using Cash Flow Statement
  • Examine the effects that reported earnings to have on managers’ wealth and consequently on their accounting policy decisions, with the help of various analyses


  • Module 1: Financial Accounting, Its Environment and Basic Concepts
  • Module 2: Income Statement, the Balance Sheet
  • Module 3: Statement of Cash Flows
  • Module 4: Financial Statement Analysis


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