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mrcpch part 1 exam

MRCPCH is among the most reputed exams undertaken by medical students who wish to build a career in pediatrics. It is also among the most challenging exams to clear. The exam is divided into two parts, Part 1 and Part 2. It is a mix of theoretical and practical exams that check the knowledge base and skills of the candidate. Based on that, they determine whether or not the candidate is eligible to continue core and specialized training in pediatrics.

What is MRCPCH?

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK (RCPCH) conducts the MRCPCH exam for aspirants who wish to train and specialize as pediatricians. MRCPCH stands for Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health. It is a postgraduate qualification in pediatrics and has international recognition.

What is the eligibility for MRCPCH?

To appear in the MRCPCH exam, you should have a Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) recognized by the GMC. For example, for Indian candidates, their MRCPCH exam eligibility is an MBBS degree.


How to apply for MRCPCH?


You can register yourself online for exams by creating an account with RCPCH. The process includes filling a short registration form and providing proof of your PMQ.


You can register for the MRCPCH exam anytime as the portal is open throughout the year.


The registration requires up to 10 working days to process.


After successful registration, you can apply to take an exam at relevant open application periods. And during these application periods, they are not able to process registrations.


Book an exam

  • Sign into your RCPCH account.
  • Go to “my account.”
  • Go to your dashboard, then exam panel, then to your exam dashboard, and follow the links to apply.


What are the MRCPCH exam fees?

MRCPCH Part 1 exam (UK) date and fees for the year 2022 are as follows:




Application Period Exam Date Fees Result by
06th – 13th December 2021 09th February 2022 £448(UK) £608(Int.) 23rd March 2022





Application Period Exam Date Fees Result by
14th – 21st March 18th May 2022 £448(UK) £608(Int.) 29th June 2022




Application Period Exam Date Fees Result by
20th – 27th June 24th August 2022 £448(UK) £608(Int.) 04th October 2022




Application Period Exam Date Fees Result by
26th September – 03rd October 2022 30th November 2022 £448(UK) £608(Int.) 11th January 2023


What is the structure and content of the MRCPCH exam?

The MRCPCH exam is divided into 4 parts: 3 theory exams and 1 clinical exam.


Theory exams:


  • Foundation of Practice (FOP) or MRCPCH Part 1A exam
  • Theory and Science (TAS) or MRCPCH Part 1B exam
  • Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) or MRCPCH Part 2 exam


Clinical exams:

MRCPCH exams include clinical exams where candidates are evaluated following the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) style format:


Station 1-4: clinical exam

Station 5: development

Station 6: history taking and management planning

Station 7 & 8: communication

Station 9 & 10: video


Types of Questions Asked


  1. Single Best Answer Types (SBAs):

Five alternatives are presented for a single question, and the candidate has to select the right answer. All other options are partially correct, but only one would be ideal and, therefore, right.


  1. Best of five

These questions are used to test the judgment and experience of the candidate. The question is based on simple clinical scenarios that will lead to five options. The candidate has to choose the best possible option.


  1. Case Histories

These questions test the diagnosis abilities, the planning of investigations and management skills of the candidate. Each question is a case history. Candidates are provided with the results of physical examinations and investigations. Photographic materials are also included here.


  1. Data interpretation

These questions are based on laboratory and graphical data. The candidates are supposed to provide their specific points of interpretation.


  1. Extended Matching Questions (EMQs)

They are used just like the best of five questions. Here, candidates get a list of 10 possible answers against three clinical scenarios. The candidate will choose the best option from the introductory list.


How to prepare for the MRCPCH Part 1 Exam?

MRCPCH Part 1 exam includes two theory exams, namely FOP and TAS. You will have to take the exams on the same day. FOP is conducted in the morning, while TAS is conducted in the afternoon.


Following are the tips to prepare for the exam:


Foundation of Practice (FOP)

The FOP exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and clinical decision-making skills. It is to ensure that you’re eligible to undergo core specialist training. The exam is part of MRCPCH and the Diploma of Child Health (DCH) exams.


Exam duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Format of exam:

  • 79 SBAs
  • 6 EMQs


Questions in the FOP exam cover one aspect of the topic. For instance:


  • What could be the most likely diagnosis for the following?
  • Select the best treatment for each of the given children.
  • Select the organism that matches most closely to each of the following case scenarios.


How to Prepare?

Use all available resources, online and offline. Test your knowledge along with your colleagues. Try to gauge the FOP exam pattern and determine which topics are asked frequently. That means you need to practice previous year’s questions and give mock tests. Also, ensure that you cover a few fundamental topics like:


  • Development and growth
  • Common syndromes
  • Fatal illnesses
  • Immunization
  • Faltering growth
  • Basics on child health, science and stats


Theory & Science (TAS)

The TAS exam is designed to test how adept the candidate is with the fundamental scientific principles that mold clinical practice.


TAS exam is considered the most challenging exam in MRCPCH. The exam has comparatively complex solving questions. So, the candidate is also required to provide proper, in-depth answers.


Duration of Exam: 2 hours 30 minutes

Exam Pattern:

  • 70 SBAs
  • 10 EMQs


Questions in the TAS exam cover the following aspects:

  • Choose the best diagnosis from the following.
  • Choose the best treatment plan for each of the given children.
  • Select the organism that matches most closely to each of the following case scenarios.


How to prepare?

To ace your TAS exam, you must revise all the specifics. This also includes studying receptors and pathways that are not there in other clinical-based exams. The following list contains some common themes that often come in TAS, and you should revise:


  • Renal disorders
  • Calcium, vitamin D, and bone metabolism
  • Clotting disorders
  • Gut absorption
  • Genetics in common syndromes and genetic testing
  • Immunology
  • Blood, gases, and ventilator settings
  • Diabetes insipidus
  • Cardiac lesions
  • Hematology & oncology
  • Statistical analysis
  • Hormone synthesis
  • Allergy


Online Resources

  • RCPCH Practice papers: available on the RCPCH website
  • Patest: online revision pack
  • Onexamination: an online resource to get core questions


MRCPCH training at Texila American University (TAU)

The MRCPCH training program of TAU helps students prepare for the exam in a timespan of 3 years. The Royal College Certified Trainers train the students and help them get a pediatrician’s standard knowledge base and clinical skills.


TAU will help you prepare in a thorough and organized manner. The following are a few benefits you’ll get by enrolling in the course:


  • Intensive training to clear all RCPCH exams
  • Membership access from Royal College, UK
  • Get lots of study material, reference books, question banks, and mock tests.
  • Lectures by Royal College certified faculty every week
  • Helps in time management and adequately organize your preparation
  • Individual attention to students with student-mentor support



The RCPCH conducts the MRCPCH exam, and it is recognized internationally. The exam is divided into two parts. Part 1 has two theory exams, while Part 2 has a theory and a clinical exam. All the exams are designed to determine your knowledge, expertise, diagnosis, and management skills.


The MRCPCH Part 1 exam includes the FOP & TAS exam. TAS is considered the most challenging exam, covering the basics of child health and scientific and clinical management skills. Nothing short of a thorough preparation can get you through the exam. To prepare, you should cover all the topics there in the syllabus. There are multiple resources available online and offline; use both. Seeking guidance from training institutions like TAU will make your preparation even more thorough and organized.

mrcpch part 1 exam
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