Why you should consider Online Certificate in Digital Marketing from Texila

Online Certificate in Digital Marketing

With increasing mobile users and access to the internet, have you realized that the number of online people is increasing day by day?

Marketing is all about connecting with your customer. In today’s context, you need to meet them where all their attention remains focused. Think about it, how do Google and Facebook make more revenue? That’s where people spend quality time.

With digital marketing in the trend for some time now, you might want to know what it’s all about? Digital marketing is about selling your products or services through digital channels. The channels include websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

You will be asking now how does Digital marketing benefits, business owners? The great news is:

  • It helps businesses be in touch with their customers consistently.
  • Boosts customer experience.
  • Digital Marketing campaigns are robust, cost-effective, and measurable
  • This can be optimized to suit the needs of any business with ease

Both traditional and online marketing is essential for a versatile marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is dynamic, with new techniques and strategies introduced every other day. Are you a strategic thinker with creativity? Then digital marketing will help you go places. You need to be on your toes devising the right marketing strategies. And keep yourself well-informed about the emerging trends to excel in the field.

If you are indecisive about making a career in digital marketing? The following points will assist you to make the right decision.

Demand for Digital Marketers:

Recent studies foresee a 22% increase in demand for digital marketing specialists from 2020 to 2030. With more people glued to the digital medium, companies promote their products, services, and brands online. And people with digital marketing skillsets are in high demand. A certificate in digital marketing will add more value.

Career Opportunities: 

Once you complete a certificate in digital marketing, you have diverse opportunities open for you in this field. There is a need for a digital marketer in every sector like automotive, education, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, entertainment, etc. It ensures job security, and you can work in any sector.

If you are looking to work in diverse sectors simultaneously, you can choose to work with an agency that caters to several industries.

You can even opt to work as a freelancer or start your digital marketing agency.

And guess what, you can work with ease on different digital marketing platforms like social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Or focus on working on a single platform, depending on your choice.

Positions open for you once you complete the digital marketing certificate program:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Content Marketing Manager
  3. Content Writers
  4. Inbound Marketing Manager
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Experts/Specialists
  7. Search Engine Marketers
  8. SEO Executives
  9. Conversion Rate Optimiser
  10. Copy Writers


A certificate in digital marketing from the best institution guarantees higher salaries compared to candidates with no certification. Having the right certification gives you an advantage and helps you to stay ahead. Companies are looking to hire candidates with the right education and certification.

Suppose you are interested in starting a business in a different sector. You might be thinking about how a certificate in digital marketing can help you? Well, as stated earlier, every company needs digital marketers. So instead of hiring a digital marketer, you can devise your own marketing strategies and promote your business.

Once you made up your mind and looking at digital marketing as a lucrative career option. The next question will be how to acquire the required skills? And you will start looking for the right method or right place to study. Well, let’s look at the different ways to study digital marketing:

  1. Self-learning by starting your own blog and promoting it online.
  2. Join an online digital marketing certificate program
  3. Learn by reading digital marketing books, journals, online resources like blogs, etc.
  4. Watch YouTube tutorials on digital marketing
  5. Join an internship program in a digital marketing agency or company
  6. Follow digital marketing influencers online
  7. Listen to podcasts or watch online webinars about digital marketing
  8. Join free online courses where you get to know the basics

With growing popularity, the web provides you with several ways to learn digital marketing. With more options available to study it can be tough to choose an appropriate method to suit your needs. Choosing the right method and the right place helps you go places.

Why choose Texila CPD:

Texila’s Center for Professional Development (CPD) is a division of Texila American University (TAU). Launched in 2015 with an aim to help students and working professionals. You can pursue short-term programs, gain industry-specific skillsets and move ahead in your careers. We offer various programs in Public Health, Nursing, Behavioural Science, Education, Business Management, Clinical Research, Oil and gas, and Information Technology.

Advantages of studying with Texila CPD:

  • Our courses are 100% online
  • Global recognition
  • The shorter program duration, which is about three months
  • Affordable course fee
  • Flexible schedules
  • You get certified
  • Curriculum designed by experts in the respective field
  • Follows Blooms Taxonomy approach
  • Practical learning
  • Get to know the latest trends

Benefits of pursuing a digital marketing certificate program at Texila CPD:

Our program helps you gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Digital marketing techniques and strategies
  • Difference between Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing
  • Diverse metrics and analytics used to measure business performance
  • Brand building techniques across multiple channels
  • Improve ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Be industry ready


A Bachelor’s degree in any stream.

How to register for our online programs:

  • Login to our website https://cpd.tauedu.org/.
  • Select the Certificate in Digital Marketing Program from the Business Management drop-down menu.
  • Make payment and fine-tune your digital marketing skills.

Key Takeaways:

Digital marketing is becoming the trend. When you are online, you might have come across various ads browsing through your social media accounts. It’s often quite impossible to ignore these ads. Since most people remain glued to their screens nowadays. Every company needs digital marketers to promote its business online. With new technologies launched every other day, the market is competitive. And you have to keep yourself updated on the emerging trends to not stay behind in the competition.

With various options available to study, you might be in a fix about choosing the right program. Texila CPD offers the best digital marketing certificate program. Our program helps you to:

  • Acquaint yourself with the latest trends.
  • Gain knowledge of the diverse platforms and strategies in digital marketing.
  • Apply SEO and SEM techniques in the business context.
  • Measure business performance using various metrics and analytics.
  • Analyze and develop effective brand-building strategies to improve ROI.
  • It helps with enhancing your skillsets and makes you industry-ready.

Enhance and evolve as a world-class digital marketer!


Online Certificate in Digital Marketing
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