Certificate in Introduction to Public Health Practice


  • Define health and its determinants in the context of public health
  • Describe the mission, core functions of public health and the public health system and the strategies and approaches of public health practice
  • Discuss the tools that used to measure population health
  • Discuss the components of the public health infrastructure, the role of law and ethics, and the legal system that must be in place in order to achieve public health goals


This course introduces students to broad introductory public health concepts and tools underlying current public heath practice at the local, regional, national, and international levels. It covers the philosophy, purpose, history, organization, functions, tools, activities and results of evidence-based public health practice.

Introduction to Public Health

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, learners get employed in the public and private sectors health care organizations, hospitals and private consulting firms, as well as in research.

Introduction to Public Health

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired an understanding of the following broad topics:

  • Explain the meaning of health and its determinants
  • Define the mission, goals and core functions of public health
  • Identify the tools for measuring population health
  • Assess the infrastructure, law and ethics, and legal system that are the cornerstone for achieving public health goals
Introduction to Public Health


  • Module 1: History, Concept of Health, Disease, and Public Health
  • Module 2: Public Health Systems, Law, Ethics, and Policies
  • Module 3: Environmental, Occupational, and Health Education Aspects of Public Health
  • Module 4: Interventions, Emergency Preparedness/Response, and Complex Emergencies
Introduction to Public Health


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