Certificate in Pathology and Diagnosis of Infectious diseases


  • Outline the general principles of microbial pathogenesis
  • Explain how microorganisms cause disease
  • Describe the host-pathogen interaction and host damage
  • Discuss the spectrum of the infections, infectious agents, and their pathology
  • Explain the inflammatory response to infections
  • Identify the special techniques for the diagnosis of Infections


This course comprises of 3 parts:

  1. Flexible online learning at your own pace
  2. Interactive live webinars with faculty members regarding the procedures.
  3. MCQ based assessment at the end of the course

Total learning hours: 30 hrs of learning


Additional information


3 Months (validity up to 6 months)


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

There are various career options in a number of healthcare settings – hospitals, laboratories, emergency clinics, research labs, medical schools, and universities.


Learning Outcome

As a result of this course, the learner will understand study the important infectious agents their identification, clinicopathologic correlation, and laboratory diagnosis.



  1. How microorganisms cause disease & Routes of entry of microbes
  2. Spread and dissemination of microbes within the body
  3. Immune evasion by microbes & Injurious effects of host immunity
  4. Mechanisms of viral injury
  5. Mechanisms of bacterial injury
  6. Sexually transmitted infections
  7. Mononuclear and granulomatous inflammation
  8. A special technique for diagnosing
  9. Common Viral and bacterial infection
  10. Fungal infections &Parasitic infections
  11. Emerging infectious disease including Covid -19
  12. MCQ test at the end of the course


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Dr. Sandhya – MBBS, MD (Path), DNB (Path), MNAMS
Dr. Sandhya is a pathologist with more than 23years of experience in the field of pathology. She completed her MD pathology from Madras University, Chennai, and then completed her DNB. She is keenly interested in teaching and research. Her main area of interest is Histopathology cancer research and pathology of infectious diseases. She has published several National and International papers and also contributed to chapters in many books.


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