Certificate in Public Health Policy


  • Analyse the main components and challenges in organisation, financing, and delivery of health care and public health services
  • Evaluate public health policies and programs that promote health and health equity
  • Develop a capacity to apply conceptual framework to understand policy processes in health care
  • Discuss the roles of supply and demand in policy making in health care sector


The course on public health policy is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of how federal, state, and local policies shape the health-care system, and why health policy is important, and how to define policy. Course contents are designed to advance the understanding on evidence-based policies and practices to address the social determinants of health and create health equity for all.

Public Health Policy

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

A certificate in epidemiology, learners can work as medical research analyst, medical journalists and scientific officers in the government and other private sectors. With improvements in medical records and information technologies, epidemiologists will have more opportunities to analyse and evaluate medical information.

Public Health Policy

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, students should have acquired an understanding of the following broad topics:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of public policies using economic concepts
  • Synthesise the research literature, assessing strengths and weaknesses of published findings, to guide policymaking.
  • Conduct decision analysis to evaluate prevention, screening, and treatment alternatives in public health
  • Critically evaluate both the methods and application of cost-effectiveness analysis for  public health decision-making
Public Health Policy


  • Module 1: Health policy, process and planning
  • Module 2: Policy Agenda, Governance, and Economy
  • Module 3: Evaluation of Health Policy
  • Module 4: Health Policies in National and Global Perspective
Public Health Policy


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