PG Certificate in Skin Aging and Aesthetic Medicine


The aesthetic arena is a rapidly evolving and competitive field and it is imperative that the practitioners should have the basic knowledge and skill to deliver quality service. This course is designed to take them through the basic science of aesthetic medicine, appraise them of various treatment modalities and procedures, hone their analytical skills to tailor the needs of each person, and take appropriate decisions so that complications can be avoided or minimized.


This course comprises of 3 parts:

  1. Flexible online learning at your own pace.
  2. Interactive live webinars with faculty members regarding the procedures.
  3. MCQ based assessment at the end of the course.

Total learning hours – 160 hours

Reinforce your learning and ask any questions that you might have, in six hours of live webinar sessions with faculty members on the below topics:

  1. Management of photodamaged skin
  2. Lower face and neck rejuvenation
  3. Management of facial melanosis
  4. Facial scars and Keloid and management
Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine

Additional information


6 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Work as a skin aesthetic practitioner/beauty expert in skin clinical.

Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of the course the student should have an introductory knowledge concerning:

  • Introductory knowledge concerning
  • Fundamentals of skin ageing
  • Facial anatomy
  • Analysis of face and problems and planning procedures
  • Facial anaesthesia and different anaesthetic options for office procedures
  • Latest skin rejuvenation and scientific techniques
  • Introduction to chemical peels
  • Introduction to basic chemistry and application of Botulinum toxin
  • Introduction to different dermal fillers and technique
  • Complications of injectables and how to tackle it
  • Lasers
  • Evidence-based medicine in aesthetic surgery
  • Setting up a dermatosurgery unit
Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine


  1. Structure of skin and its function
  2. Anatomy of cells and extracellular matrix
  3. Molecular mechanism of skin ageing
  4. Photobiology and solar ageing
  5. Facial muscles and their actions
  6. Applied surgical anatomy in relation to facial rejuvenation
  7. Nerves and blood vessels of the face and different facial blocks
  8. Wound management including homeostasis, analgesics and antibacterials and wound healing
  9. Disinfection and sterilization and universal precautions for aesthetic practitioner
  10. Approach to management of ageing skin
  11. Periocular rejuvenation
  12. Acne scar management
  13. Cosmeceuticals for ageing skin
  14. Microneedling and microdermabrasion
  15. Glycolic acid peels(GA peels)
  16. Non GA peels—Salicylic acid, TCA(Trichloroacetic acid)
  17. Newer superficial peels
  18. Introduction to Botulinum toxin and its types
  19. Cosmetic uses of Botulinum toxin
  20. Soft tissue augmentation with Hyaluronic acid fillers
  21. Non-hyaluronic acid fillers
  22. Complications of BTX and Fillers
  23. Physics of Laser
  24. Different types of Lasers and its uses
  25. Laser-assisted hair removal
  26. Non-ablative Lasers and Lasers for pigmented lesions and tattoos
  27. Evidence-based medicine
  28. Medicolegal issues
  29. Tips for beginners
  30. Tips for setting up clinic
Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine


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Dr. Maya Vincent, MD (Dermatology)
Dr. Maya Vincent is a cosmetologist and is currently a senior consultant at Dr. Yogiraj Center at Trivandrum. She has a rich experience serving in the Health Department of Kerala and the Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman. She has also served as an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Dr. Somerville Memorial Medical College, Trivandrum. She has also worked in the capacity of resource person for HIV/AIDS with the Government of Kerala. Here she gave counseling and treatment to female sex workers referred by Non-Governmental Organizations and held additional charge of the Blood Bank. She has more than five international publications and has won several awards, including the Fulford Derma Foundation Scholarship 1999-2000 for outstanding Dermatologists.
Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine


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