Certification in Building Your Business Case


  • Learn how your company evaluates the business case
  • Deciding about the options which suit organization strategy or goals
  • Understanding each number to build the estimate
  • How to prepare and present your case so that it is strong
  • Documenting the learning while preparing the business case



A business case demonstrates why a project is needed and the benefits of the project. The business case is a process to critically examine the opportunities, alternatives, implementation methods, and resources and financial investment to recommend the best course of action that creates business value. This course will teach you how to build a strong business case. You’ll learn what information is needed to support your case, including the steps involved in gathering data and in presenting it to the stakeholders.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

This certification course prepares the learners for jobs at various levels of the Organisation. Some of the designations that can achieve on completion of the course include, learners will be able to fit in as a Project Manager, Project Associate, Senior Project Manager and Senior Manager Marketing and Sales.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how your company have a formal process to approve the business case
  • Know that always building the business case means we are doing the project
  • To know various financial parameters such as NPV, ROI
  • Learn the structured way of presenting the business case in front of your audience
  • Know the importance of documentation of learnings while building the business case


  • Module 1: Introduction to Building Your Business Case
  • Module 2: Know your Audience
  • Module 3: Build the Business Case
  • Module 4: Business Case – Alternatives & Options
  • Module 5: Estimate Costs and Benefits
  • Module 6: Review your Business Case
  • Module 7: Present your Business Case


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