Certification in Business Environment


  • To learn the different aspects of Strategic Management that have become indispensable in the present day corporate world.
  • To create awareness among the learners about strategic management and management process.
  • To understand and develop the conceptual knowledge of strategic management and Environmental Analysis.
  • To evaluate the knowledge developed by learners on strategic management and company analysis.
  • To create an impact on the mindset of learners on formulating the strategy and analysis.
  • To apply practical implications towards strategic implementation and also to several case studies.



This course is highly beneficial for learners who seek knowledge in understanding the business organization and business environment. Business Environment focuses on economic, social, political, legal and technology environment. The course enables the learners to formulate the objectives and set strategies for retaining brand equity and significant financial regulations for the environment. Financial regulations influence the government and private sector. The highest financial institution of the country monitors and paves the way for the economic growth and development of business organizations and their environment. The course exhibits various components of macro and microenvironment.

The internal and external environment is blended with socio-cultural activities. The traditional values have impacts on business but business environments are highly impacted by the foreign culture.  A mixed economy develops and creates political and legal issues set in. Learning the course for the sake of knowledge not only expects the learners to understand and remember the business environment but also on daily routines enable the learner to look for a new way of executions in a business environment. Brand equity and value systems become a priority for a conducive environment. This course enables the changing realities into a transformed environment. Complexities in the legal practices of a business are highly uncertain. Along with legal technological revolution has changed completely the dynamism of business environment. Potential markets are identified by the size of the firms well in advance to determine the size of the company. This course identifies the potential emerging markets of the future. This course connects the professions from across the globe, debating the challenges faced by the companies.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed as Economist, Financial Risk Analyst. Data Analyst, Financial Planner, Accountant, Economic Researcher, Financial Consultant, Investment Analyst.

Learning Outcome

  • Comprehend the focus that shape business and business environment.
  • Analyze the competitive forces in the environment and accordingly devise business policies and strategies to stay in a competitive position.
  • Evaluate the economic and political environmental dynamics to cope with the changing regulations affecting business and its profitability
  • Analyze the desirability of technological advancement in the current set-up and gain technological advancement with the least cost.
  • Describe how CSR initiatives are utilized in business.


  • Module 1: Business Organizations and Environment
  • Module 2: Business Environments
  • Module 3: Business, Industrial and Market Structures
  • Module 4: Business and CSR


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