Certification in Communication Skills (Business Communication)


  • Understand how to develop basic and advanced written and verbal communication skills for effective business communication.
  • Convey a credible message and create concise messages using a structured writing process
  • Understanding the purpose, importance, process and barriers of business communication
  • Understanding the general approach to Business Correspondence
  • Use the career skills which are required to obtain success in the workplace.
  • Widen the interpersonal skills that add flavour to the sound, Effective and satisfactory professional social and personal relationships


Communication plays an essential pivotal role in any field of work – whether it may be in the professional or the personal life of individuals. It emphasizes that communication is not just transmitting information in the form of words and sounds between people involved in communication, but it means more than that. The posture, the tone, the voice, the matter taken for the discussion, the audience, the place of communication, etc., play a crucial role in communication. When it comes to the world of business, we can do nothing without communication. Communication becomes the core activity. Hence the course of communication skills is on its anvil.

This course is well designed to provide a platform to the students a comprehensive view about communication, the scope of communication, the importance of communication in both social and business lives. The crucial role of communication is maintaining favourable relationships with outside agencies of a firm and within the organization.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Upon successfully completing the course, the learners get employed as public relations specialists, technical writers and news analysts. Other jobs include lobbyist, journalist, human resources specialist, speechwriter, government affairs specialist, sales representative, admissions counsellor or movie reviewer.

Learning Outcome

  • Gain knowledge in developing the use of written and spoken communication skills
  • Understand how a trustworthy piece of information can be sent formally
  • Elaborate on the basics of communication – meaning, purpose, importance, process, barriers and ways to overcome the obstacles to effective communication
  • Gain and reciprocate the insights into the approach to business correspondence, verbal as well as non-verbal communication
  • Explain and demonstrate the career skills acquired to succeed in the workplace
  • Exhibit the knowledge gained in the professional life


  • Module 1: Principles, Methods and the basics of Communication
  • Module 2:Oral Communication & Visual Communication, Interviews and Meetings
  • Module 3: IT and Presenting Information
  • Module 4: Information Processing


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