Certification in Leading Organizational Change


  • Develop an understanding of the complexity and dynamics of change in organizations.
  • Elaborate about the various models, theories, tools and techniques of change management
  • Discuss the role of strategic leadership in leading different changes and transitions.
  • Apply the learning to past experiences as a change leader to further create and sustain an organizational culture


The current business world is changing at an exponential rate. In this context, the leadership styles, skills and abilities also need to adapt and change with the fast-changing environment. Firms today need to carefully examine the changing environment to understand the need for organizational change clearly. Organizations need to develop and maintain strategic leaders today to manage and successfully drive the planned organizational changes inevitable. The course covers different leadership behaviours, skills, and leadership styles appropriate in changing environments. This course focuses more on how organizations change and how to be a change agent in an organization to plan and implement the required changes to cope with the dynamic environment. It emphasizes the forces for change, different types of organizational changes, the change implementation process, the qualities and skills of successful leaders, and the various change management methodologies, including the tools and techniques required for successfully undergoing organizational change. It also gives the learners an excellent opportunity to understand the transition management process, various phases, the managerial skills necessary for leading effective transitions, and the role of effective transition managers in organizational change management. Finally, it makes the readers understand the importance of an excellent organizational culture in helping the firms undergo effective changes and transitions. The need for fostering the sense of ownership and commitment among the employees motivates them to take part in the change management practices.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed as Change Manager, Organizational Change Specialist, Change Management Consultant, Human Resources Director, Human Resources Staff, Employee Experience Manager, Career Development Specialist

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the complexity and dynamics of change in organizations to help them as change leaders during transitions.
  • Illustrate the link between effective leadership strategies and successful implementation of change using the effective methodologies of change management
  • Enumerate the role of the strategic leadership in leading different changes and transitions.
  • Develop strategies to create and sustain an organizational culture to suit the current changing environment


  • Module 1: Introduction to Organizational Change Management
  • Module 2: Change Management Models, Tools, Techniques And Implementation
  • Module 3: Leadership and Change
  • Module 4: Organizational Culture and Change


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