Certificate in ECG Interpretation


The ability to quickly and accurately interpret a 12 lead ECG is an important part of the routine and emergency patient care for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The Certificate Course in ECG Interpretation has been developed to provide the participants with a high level of knowledge and skills in ECG interpretation and help them recognize of the wide variety of clinical abnormalities.


This course comprises of 3 parts:

  1. Flexible online learning at your own pace.
  2. Interactive live webinars with faculty members regarding the procedures.
  3. MCQ based assessment at the end of the course.

Total learning hours: 20 hrs of learning+10 hrs of webinar

ECG Interpretation

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

ECG interpretation will make you knowledgeable and skilled in ECG analysis, which will greatly benefit you in your clinical practice.

ECG Interpretation

Learning Outcome

  • Describe the electrical pathway of the heart.
  • Identify the three planes of electrocardiography: standard limb leads, augmented leads.
  • Describe the components of a normal 12 Lead ECG.
  • Describe the six step systemic approach to interpretation of 12 Lead ECG.
  • Relate coronary artery anatomy to myocardial perfusion; Recognize common ECG patterns associated with various locations of injury/infarction.
  • Interpret various 12 lead ECG examples-arrhythmias, chamber enlargement, conduction disturbances, pace-maker function, ECG changes by drugs/electrolyte imbalance, etc.
  • Understand the basics of TMT ad Holter studies.
ECG Interpretation


  1. How ECG is done? Principles behind ECG generation
  2. How to read normal ECG -6 steps of interpretation
  3. Ischemic Heart disease-Acute Coronary syndrome
  4. Ischemic heart disease-chronic stable angina
  5. Tachyarrhythmia -narrow QRS
  6. Tachyarrhythmia-wide QRS
  7. Brady-arrhythmias
  8. Sinus node disease
  9. AV blocks
  10. Bundle Branch Blocks
  11. Chamber enlargements
  12. Pericardial/myocardial diseases
  13. Pulmonary Embolism; Pulmonary hypertension
  14. ECG effects of drugs/medications
  15. Electrolyte-imbalances
  16. Pacemaker ECGs
  17. ICCU-ECGs
  18. TMT-basics
  19. Holter -basics
  20. ECG –machines -maintenance
ECG Interpretation


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Dr. Amar Narayan Patnaik, MD, DM, DNB, FSCAI
Dr. Amar Narayan Patnaik qualified in Cardiology in 1999 from Delhi University and has worked as a postgraduate faculty in the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences. After his retirement, he served as a Senior Consultant at Star Hospitals, Hyderabad. He is a PG teacher for the last 20 years. He was also awarded FSCAI and FACC. He has trained many students in acquiring their DM/DNB degrees in Cardiology. He has published nearly 60 papers, four chapters in books, and participated in many international trials, CMEs, and national and international conferences. Besides teaching and research, he has a keen interest in interventional cardiology. He is associated with Texila University as a course coordinator for Non-invasive cardiology, member of BOE and BOS for the past five years.
ECG Interpretation


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