Certification in Basic Strategic Management


  • To learn the different aspects of Strategic Management that have become indispensable in the present day corporate world.
  • To create awareness among the learners about strategic Management and management process.
  • To understand and develop the conceptual knowledge of strategic management and Environmental Analysis.
  • To evaluate the knowledge developed by learners on strategic management and company analysis.
  • To create an impact on the mindset of learners on formulating the strategy and analysis.
  • To apply practical implications towards strategic implementation and also to several case studies.



The current economic recession created a complex business world today that is quite different from ten years ago. Many businesses are gone, and consumers are price-sensitive and hesitate due to price fluctuation. High unemployment, new business houses changed the business scenario. Multinational and corporate giants highlighted the importance of business ethics and financial transactions.

Significant research provides the foundation for strategic management. The recent contributions reveal how to use strategies to do business globally as well as locally. Today strategic management helps firms to use the strategic tools, techniques, and concepts developed by leading researchers. Two essential concepts in the strategic management field: industrial-organization economics and its resource-based view are widely used today. However, such an approach is incomplete; research and practical experience indicate that both theories play a significant role in understanding the linkage between strategic management and organizational success.

Strategic management helps to understand how actual organizations, most of which compete internationally and in their home markets, use the strategic process to increase their ability to compete and achieve higher performance. Strategic management helps learners understand the different strategies that organizations use to achieve their vision and mission.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed as Financial Analyst, Research Investigator, Business Analyst, Product Strategist, Project Analyst, Project Management Coordinator, Process Coordinator, Marketing Consultant, Business Development Coordinator, Compliance Officer, Strategic Initiatives Associate and Consumer Insight Analyst.

Learning Outcome

  • To comprehend the focus that strategies and strategic Management
  • To analyze the competitive forces of firms and accordingly devise strategies to stay in a competitive position.
  • To understand how a company went through different internal and external analysis.
  • Analyze the situation to formulate suitable strategies in different business situations.
  • Gives a clear understanding to perform the duties in organizations.
  • Provide an idea to identify the significant changes in the company that may have either positive or negative impact on the individual or on the company


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Environmental Analysis
  • Module 3: Strategy Formulation and Analysis
  • Module 4: Strategy Implementation


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