Certification in Managing Up and Across


  • Elaborate the stakeholder roles in the given project management environment
  • Select the project based on financial parameters
  • Illustrate which estimation technique to be used under which condition
  • Identify the risk for the project, analysis the risk and add contingencies to the budget
  • Interpret the deliverables met as per the customer expectations
  • Cite the final project close out report



If you work in a large organization, chances are you need to manage relationships with all levels, including your boss, peers, and direct reports. In this course, you will gain knowledge on how to manage relationships up, down, and across; how to stand out with your boss while also pushing back when needed; how to build productive relationships and credibility with your direct reports; and how to effectively use influence with peers and other co-workers to get what you need.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Upon successful completion of the course, Learners can fit themselves into various managerial roles in the Organisation. The most common managerial roles are Project manager, Assistant Manager, Senior project manager, Marketing and Sales senior manager.

Learning Outcome

  • Create a favourable impression on his/her new boss and build a good rapport
  • Comprehend the decision-making style of the boss and utilize an appropriate strategy for positively influencing his/her decisions
  • Support his/her boss to enhance his/her image within the organization and become more resourceful
  • Collaborate efficiently and work effectively in a multi-reporting organizational structure
  • Work towards enhancing his/her emotional intelligence capabilities for better collaboration with team members


  • Module 1: Managing 360 Degree
  • Module 2: Helping out with management
  • Module 3: Across management
  • Module 4: 360 Degree management
  • Module 5: Up and Down management
  • Module 6: Managing Up and Downs
  • Module 7: Team Collaboration


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