Certification in Nursing Quality Management – Basic Course


  • Develop an understanding of Goals and Importance of Organisational Behaviour and explain Stages and Types of Group Formation
  • Elaborate the concepts, objectives and factors affecting the staffing
  • Describe Objectives and Principles of Scheduling
  • Familiarize the Learners about the recruitment process and concept of performance appraisals



The Certificate Course in Healthcare Quality Management provides comprehensive coverage of the theoretical and practical aspects of quality at different levels of healthcare delivery. The aim of this course is to enable healthcare managers and other health professionals in the implementation of quality management and continuous quality improvement in their settings.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

This course is open to all graduates, preferably for those with work experience in the healthcare sector. The focus of this course is on Quality Managers, Members of Quality Assurance Teams, Hospital administrators, Clinical Directors, Heads of Departments, Superintendents, Nursing heads, Health department officials and other professionals who are responsible for healthcare delivery.

Learning Outcome

  • Enumerate concept and characteristics of culture and cultural models
  • Integrate the concept of health care and government agencies and list types of health care
  • Describe the concept and utilization of managed care
  • Analyze the significance of the functional method
  • Summarise nursing’s agenda for health care reform


  • Module 1: Culture and Health Care
  • Module 2: Healthcare System
  • Module 3: Factors and Models of Health Care Delivery
  • Module 4: Community Based Health Care and Nursing


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