Certification in Advanced Strategic Management


  • Discuss strategy basics, fundamentals of strategy and how it is vital to the business.
  • Explain how strategies formulated in business are implemented and controlled.
  • Understanding the various concepts, approaches, models, philosophies related to Strategic management
  • Remembering the ethics, responsibility and values in business. Understanding the recent trends in strategies for business.


Strategic management is concerned with the long-term direction, scope and performance of an organization. Whether an organization’s overall strategy emerges from the interplay of functional departments or is a grand plan devised by one group, its success is contingent on the fit between the organization and the relevant environmental dynamics. The actions of the organization are simultaneously a result of these dynamics and a cause of them. Hence a continuous, accurate analysis and synthesis of environmental and organizational interactions is a critical component of a successful strategy. To be a successful strategic leader, one needs to start with an understanding of the internal factors and the external factors that determine the success of the company, whether short term or long term. That understanding needs to be both deep and clear.

Strategic Management is an integrative and interdisciplinary course that provides the primary step to get that deep and clear understanding of the business environment of the business. In this business and management course, you will develop a strong sense of how firms compete by learning about critical analytical approaches underlying business strategy. The system helps in understanding the various techniques used in business.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed as Financial Analyst, Research Investigator, Business Analyst, Product Strategist, Project Analyst, Project Management Coordinator, Process Coordinator, Marketing Consultant, Business Development Coordinator, Compliance Officer, Strategic Initiatives Associate and Consumer Insight Analyst.

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding the various aspects and basics of strategic management.
  • Applying the concepts as to how a strategy is implemented at the ground level and managed.
  • Evaluating different approaches and designs related to strategic management
  • Summarise different standards the business has to follow and also the latest trends.


  • Module 1:¬†Introduction
  • Module 2: Strategy formulation, implementation and Control
  • Module 3: Strategic Management Approach and Models
  • Module 4: Business ethics, corporate social responsibility Strategic management challenges and recent trends


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