Certification in Coaching Employees


  • Determining the ‘Right Work’ for one’s self in the professional context and identifying the unproductive tasks that one may be spending time on
  • Identifying ways in which one can effectively prioritize the most critical tasks and focus on the same
  • Becoming aware of the perils of multitasking and taking steps to avoid it raise one’s work productivity
  • Understanding & implementing some time-tested & effective rituals & tools to manage one’s workday better
  • Determining how to achieve enhanced outcomes even with lesser resources



Coaching is the new approach to managing/leading in the New Normal. Whether you lead a remote team, an in-office team or a combination of both, you are guided step-by-step with how to manage and improve engagement in the workplace through mastery of the Employee Engagement Management Coaching for getting results in the new normal.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

This certification course prepares the learners for jobs at various levels of the Human Resources Department. Some of the designations that can achieve on completion of the course include, learners will be able to fit in as an HR Manager, Training and Development Manager, HR Consultant, Executive Recruiter, International HR Associate and Employee Relations Specialist

Learning Outcome

  • Figure out different organizational barriers to coaching
  • Know how your learning and your employee’s learning go hand in hand
  • Tactics to create productive dialogue
  • Know common mistakes that coaches do knowingly or unknowingly and the immediate solutions through which one can recover
  • Adapt different techniques to different coach sets of categories such as top performers, average performer and below performers


  • Module 1: Introduction to Coaching
  • Module 2: Get ready to Coach your workforce
  • Module 3: Coaching your Employees
  • Module 4: Investing in your Employees
  • Module 5: Working with your Employees
  • Module 6: Customization of Coaching
  • Module 7: Coaching Individualization


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