Certification in Consumer Behaviour


  • Contrast the similarities and differences while undergoing project
  • Illustrate various concepts with their definitions
  • Infer the society through their research
  • Classify learn the techniques of research carefully
  • Import real-time application of the research



Consumer behaviour is concerned with understanding both how purchase decisions are made and how products or services are consumed or experienced. This course looks at approaches social scientists have taken when studying the consumer and the application of their findings in a business or organizational context. Topics include areas related to affect, cognition, behaviour and the environment.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain and apply the meaning, definition and concepts used in the study of consumer behaviour
  • Understand what influences consumers’ buying decisions
  • Evaluate consumer purchase patterns and figure out buyer trends
  • Gain knowledge on consumerism, relationship marketing, consumer expectation and satisfaction
  • Practically conduct researches on consumer behaviour
  • Study the trends in consumer behaviour and apply them to the marketing in real practices

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

On successful completion of the course, the learners get employed in the sales and marketing, advertising and promotion organisations as an analyst. They can also move up the ladder to become demand analysts, marketing managers, brand managers etc.

Learning Outcome

  • Students should be able to explain and apply the meaning and concepts used in the study of consumer behaviour
  • Students should be able to understand the influences of consumers’ buying decisions
  • Evaluate the consumer buyer patterns and trends
  • Students should be able to gain knowledge on consumer satisfaction
  • Trends in consumer behaviour and apply them to marketing in real practices.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Consumer Behavior
  • Module 2: Models of Consumer Behavior
  • Module 3: Motivational Theories and Consumer learning
  • Module 4: Consumer Attitudes


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