Certification in Getting Right Work Done


  • Determining the ‘Right Work’ for one’s self in the professional context and identifying the unproductive tasks that one may be spending time on
  • Identifying ways in which one can effectively prioritize the most critical tasks and focus on the same
  • Becoming aware of the perils of multitasking and taking steps to avoid it raise one’s work productivity
  • Understanding & implementing some time-tested & effective rituals & tools to manage one’s workday better
  • Determining how to achieve enhanced outcomes even with lesser resources



In this course, we get an insight into the concept of ‘Getting the Right Work Done’ and its immense importance in our work life. Since distractions at the workplace play a major role in keeping us away from ‘Getting the Right Work Done’, as part of this course, we will gain awareness of the various signs that can indicate that we are distracted and not focused on our work. However, we will also learn of ways in which we can overcome workplace distractions. This course also talks about how successful people set & achieve their goals and ways in which we can become more productive at our work.

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

Many managers ease their own busy workload by delegating tasks to colleagues. To do this effectively you need to analyze and identify the skills of your employees and assign duties to each depending on their skillset. Delegation isn’t a sign of weakness and can in fact multiply the amount of work that a manager can accomplish – while developing the team’s confidence and skills. Once you become a mastery in ‘Getting the Right Work Done’, you can seek job opportunities as Project manager, Assistant project manager, Senior project manager, Director of program management, Project coordinator, Project scheduler and Team leader

Learning Outcome

  • Define the concept & importance of ‘Getting the Right Work Done’ in the professional context
  • Prioritize work or tasks in the most effective way and accomplish the same within the schedule
  • Get rid of the habit of multi-tasking and thereby increase work productivity.
  • Inculcate some of the most effective rituals & tools in his/her life for better work management
  • Achieve the desired goals & outcomes even with lesser resources


  • Module 1: Getting the Right work done
  • Module 2: A priority for your work
  • Module 3: Time management
  • Module 4: Effective Delegation
  • Module 5: Form Rituals
  • Module 6: Recharge your energy
  • Module 7: Technology controls


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