Certification in Nursing Administration – Advanced Course


  • Develop an understanding of Goals and Importance of Organisational Behaviour and explain Stages and Types of Group Formation
  • Elaborate the concepts, objectives and factors affecting the staffing
  • Describe Objectives and Principles of Scheduling
  • Familiarize the Learners about the recruitment process and concept of performance appraisals



This course will help nurses enhance their knowledge and skills of nursing administration for rendering care to the patients in any healthcare institution. This course will enable the nurses to build capabilities and competencies required for leading the nursing teams for administering specific treatment plans, care planning, Care execution, evaluation of care, health education, follow-up of care. This course is especially aimed at making nurses proficient in the specialized area of nursing administration. Interested nurses can enhance their skills and knowledge by taking this course and making a career for themselves in this discipline.

Additional information


3 Months


Certificate of Completion

Career prospects

This course presents multiple career opportunities to nurses wishing to pursue this speciality. This course empowers nurses to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the leadership styles, management theories and team building for care, cure, and promotion of health of patient populations. Successful candidates can work in any healthcare establishment and provide specialized care with clinical decision-making and critical thinking.

Learning Outcome

  • Become familiar with Principles and components, importance, and scope of planning
  • Cite the concepts, objectives and factors affecting the staffing
  • Analyse Objectives and Principles of Scheduling
  • Gain enhanced knowledge on the recruitment process and concept of performance appraisals


  • Module 1: Organisational Behaviour
  • Module 2: Basics of Staffing
  • Module 3: Scheduling and Staff Development
  • Module 4: Human Resource Management


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