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  • Consumer Behaviour

    Certificate in Consumer Behaviour

    • Understand the basic concepts of consumer behaviour along with its application in purchase decisions
    • Examine and explore the reasons and motives for consumer buying behavior
    • Investigate and probe the relationship existing between internal and external influences like psychological, social and cultural drives and consumer buying behaviour
    • Discover the dynamics of human behaviour and the factors influencing consumer buying / decision making behaviour
    Consumer Behaviour
  • corporate-fiance

    Certificate in Corporate Finance

    • Describe the financial objectives of the business
    • Develop a working knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework and analytical techniques involved in investment and financing decisions.
    • Identify the need for calculating cost of capital
    • Examine the significance of dividend policy
    • Develop a working knowledge and understanding of the factors involved in working capital management
  • Cost Management

    Certificate in Cost and Management Policy

    • To introduce the theoretical conceptsof cost and management accounting
    • To describe the basic concepts and processes of material, labour and overhead cost
    • To explain the various types of costing and budgeting
    • To develop the practical knowledge and skills in various modern cost and management accounting
    • To enable the business decision making skills based on the cost details and statements
    Cost Management
  • CRM

    Certificate in Customer Relationship Management

    • To study how customer relations is related to other business functions and its importance to the success of the business entity
    • To Study the importance of attitude and customer education as it relates to Customer relationship Management
    • To Understand good Customer relationship Management practices and techniques and how to apply them
    • To know the sound Integrated Marketing Communications plan for Maintaining good Customer relations with latest Technology
  • delivering-effective

    Certificate in Delivering Effective Feedback

    • Understanding the concept of feedback and why it is important
    • Getting an insight into the various types of feedback
    • Knowing what makes feedback effective
    • Identifying the fears associated with feedback
    • Understanding the importance of setting clear goals & expectations
  • Diabetology

    Certificate in Diabetology

    • Outline the history of diabetes patients with different risk factors assessment.
    • Understand the principal of the pathogenesis of diabetes.
    • Describe the complications associated with diabetes management.
    • Understand the pitfalls of diabetes management and concerns.
    • Treatment of complications of diabetes.
    • A brief understanding of type 1 diabetes.
    • Understand uncommon diabetes like MODY and LADA.
  • Digital Marketing

    Certificate in Digital Marketing

    • Explain various digital marketing techniques
    • Differentiate SEO and SEM
    • List various metrics and analytics used to measure business performance
    • Discuss various brand building techniques which can be employed in online channels
    • List various techniques of improving return of investment made for digital marketing campaigns
    Digital Marketing
  • effective-communication

    Certificate in Effective Communication

    • Define the importance of communication
    • Explain the process and components of communication
    • Discuss the Types and Flow of Business communication
    • Compare different Types of contexts in communication
  • emotional intelligence

    Certificate in Emotional Intelligence

    • To clearly define emotions and understand the concept & importance of Emotional Intelligence
    • To identify the various skills & competencies associated with being Emotionally Intelligent
    • To derive the linkage between Emotional Intelligence & Job Performance
    • To ascertain the various benefits of being an Emotionally Intelligent person, in relation to professional & personal growth
    emotional intelligence
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