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  • Financial-risk-investment

    Certificate in Financial Risk and Investment Management

    • Describe the financial risk and investment management
    • Identify the various investment strategies
    • Understanding the Indian financial system
    • Examine the significance of various financial markets
    • Examine the significance of credit rating agencies
  • Global-health

    Certificate in Global Health and Disaster Management

    • Explain the core issues and challenges of global health including gender and human rights implications.
    • Promote and lead global health work on the basis of research evidence and data from relevant health fields.
    • Use a range of different strategies to address and manage the global issues related to infectious diseases and chronic diseases and of emergency at local, national and international levels.
    • Identify global health actors at local, national and international levels.
  • health-financing

    Certificate in Health Economics and Health Financing

    • Discuss principles of economics that are applicable in health system financing
    • Describe factors and their functions in healthcare market including cost and effectiveness of healthcare
    • Demonstrate different components of healthcare services, schemes and industries attached to it
    • Discuss the components of health financing, strengths and weaknesses of a country’s structure and functioning of health financing
  • Human Resource

    Certificate in Human Resource Training and Development

    • Develop the knowledge, skills and concepts needed to resolve actual human resource management problems or issues.
    • Manage the employment relationship, which is a shared responsibility between employers, management, human resources specialists, and employees.
    • Identify the human resources needs of an organisation or department.
    • Conduct a job analysis and produce a job description from the job analysis.
    • Evaluate the procedures and practices used for recruiting and selecting suitable employees.
  • Finance Management

    Certificate in International Finance Management

    • Describe the Introduction to international finance theory (e.g., exchange rate determinants.
    • Explain the foreign exchange exposure, foreign exchange markets, interest rate parity).
    • Develop knowledge, capability, and skills necessary for making sound financial decisions for a multinational firm.
    • Discuss an MNC and write a quality feasibility report.
    • Elaborate the Global International Financial Management.
  • International Marketing

    Certificate in International Marketing

    • To understand the importance of various environmental factors which influences international trade practices
    • To familiarise the participants on various import and export trade practices
    • To list the types of documents required for international trade
    • To describe the concept of foreign exchange rate, risk and its impact on international trade
  • Introduction to Public Health

    Certificate in Introduction to Public Health Practice

    • Define health and its determinants in the context of public health
    • Describe the mission, core functions of public health and the public health system and the strategies and approaches of public health practice
    • Discuss the tools that used to measure population health
    • Discuss the components of the public health infrastructure, the role of law and ethics, and the legal system that must be in place in order to achieve public health goals
  • Lean Six Sigma

    Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

    • Explain the insights about the importance of lean manufacturing and six sigma practices.
    • Define the concepts of TQM and Six sigma
    • Illustrate Six sigma and process tolerance
    • Differentiate the IPO diagram, SIPOC diagram, Flow diagram, CTQ Tree
    • Analyse the Earned value management
  • Aspects in Business

    Certificate in Legal Aspects in Business

    • Describe the concept of legal aspects in business.
    • Analyze the various business legislative frameworks.
    • Illustrate the process, types and significance of law as a basis for effective business.
    • Elaborate the detailed exposure to students on various real time cases like Indian and African contents.
    • Explain the domestic and global environment issues in operating a business
    • Relate the impact of environment on business in an integrated manner