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  • Research Methodology

    Certificate in Advanced Research Methodology

    • Describe the scientific method as it is applied to research in public health practice.
    • Identification of the research problem and defining objectives of the study. Describe the relevance of the problem chosen for research, through good literature review.
    • Identify an appropriate study design and apply it to produce valid results.
    • Describe effectively and interpret the present results to fellow scientists and investigators, policy-makers and administrators, and the public.
    • Demonstrate the proposal writing to funding agencies for grant of funds. Be responsive to ethical issues and safeguard the interest of all stakeholders.
    Research Methodology
  • Advanced therapies care

    Certificate in Advanced Therapies and Care for Critically Ill


    At the end of the course, the licensed medical professionals will be able to

    • understand the basic concepts, terms, and definitions related to critical care.
    • know the code management
    • identify the technique of assessment of critically ill patient
    • describe the various therapies required for the critically ill patient
    • develop the skill in various invasive procedures and techniques in the care of the critically ill patient
    • explain the infection prevention and control measures in the critical care unit
    • illustrate the emergency drugs in care of critically ill patient
    Advanced therapies care
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion

    Certificate in Advertising and Sales Promotion

    • Gain a deeper understanding of advertising and the various strategies involved in effective advertisement.
    • Get inspired by the new techniques and methods in setting advertising objectives.
    • Become an expert in designing strategies for media planning and for various sales promotion techniques
    Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • Aesthetic Medicine

    Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine


    Students will gain thorough knowledge in the basics of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, ethical aspects of practice, and skills to critically analyze and assess risks in each patient and tailor the treatment modalities to get the best outcome.

    Aesthetic Medicine
  • Applied Biostatistics

    Certificate in Applied Biostatistics

    • Classify the variables into nominal, ordinal, discrete and continuous.
    • Describe basic concepts of probability, random variation and commonly used statistical probability distributions.
    • Interpret the descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, correlation coefficient and regression from a given data
    • Apply descriptive and inferential methodologies according to the type of study design for answering a particular research question.
    • Perform descriptive and inferential statistics from a given data using statistical software
    Applied Biostatistics
  • Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)

    Certificate in Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)


    The learner should be able to evaluate an infertile couple and will be able to select and guide them regarding the suitable Artificial Reproductive Technology.

    Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART)
  • Banking and Financial Services

    Certificate in Banking and Financial Services

    • Attempts to facilitate the understanding of the concept.
    • Understand the range of services offered by the industry
    • Gain a sense of the role of Banking and Financial Services in the growth of a country’s economy.
    • Understand the math behind the various policies of Banks and Financial Services
    Banking and Financial Services
  • Biostatistics

    Certificate in Biostatistics

    • Impart knowledge about the basic concept of biostatistics
    • Recognise different types of data and present them in suitable graphs and diagrams
    • Explain and apply the statistical methods in biomedical and public health research
    • Explain written and oral presentations based on statistical analyses
    • Interpret results acquired from statistical analysis
    • Discuss the designing of statistical models and experiments
  • Re-engineering

    Certificate in Business Process Re-Engineering

    • Discuss the concept, evolution and philosophy of Business Process Reengineering.
    • Elaborate  the different BPR Methodologies, models, techniques and approaches
    • Outline the various elements of Business Process Management and its relationship with BPR
    • Analyse the relationship between BPR, Information Technology and various emerging trends and approaches.
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