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  • MRCPCH Part I

    MRCPCH Part I Preparation

    • MRCPCH is recognized by the MCI.
    • Video lectures by experienced Royal college certified faculties.
    • Access to Single best answers – 1200+.
    • Concentrate upon core topics as well as subjects that candidates often struggle with.
    • Emphasis on preparation techniques, UK guidelines, and basic concepts.
    • Continued online support for exam preparation.
    • Individual attention to students with dedicated student mentor support.
    • User friendly easy to access LMS.
    • The mock exam includes 100 MCQ’s which is similar to the pattern of Royal college exams.
    MRCPCH Part I
  • MRCS part I

    MRCS Part I Preparation

    • Access to 2600+ Single Best Answers.
    • Questions are closely aligned with the MRCS syllabus and many are based on themes from previous exams.
    • Video lectures by experienced Royal college certified faculties.
    • The mock exam includes 100 MCQ’s which is similar to the pattern of Royal college exams.
    • Personalized feedback to guide and support you through the exams.
    • Individual attention to students with dedicated student mentor support.
    • User friendly easy to access LMS.
    MRCS part I
  • Essentials in cardiology

    PG Certificate in Essentials in Cardiology


    This course is designed for doctors who wish to work in the field of cardiology.

    This course helps you:

    1. To help develop an understanding of cardiovascular physiology and its broad systemic manifestations.
    2. Familiarize the students with basic mechanisms, clinical manifestations, diagnostic strategies, and management of coronary artery disease as well as disease prevalence and prevention.
    3. Learn to clinically evaluate, choose appropriate investigations, and manage patients across a spectrum of cardiovascular disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient venues.
    4. Learn the indications for procedures, management of stable and the acutely ill patient, and appropriate indications for referral.
    Essentials in cardiology
  • Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine

    PG Certificate in Skin Aging and Aesthetic Medicine


    The aesthetic arena is a rapidly evolving and competitive field and it is imperative that the practitioners should have the basic knowledge and skill to deliver quality service. This course is designed to take them through the basic science of aesthetic medicine, appraise them of various treatment modalities and procedures, hone their analytical skills to tailor the needs of each person, and take appropriate decisions so that complications can be avoided or minimized.

    Skin ageing and Aesthetic Medicine
  • conflict-management

    Professional Certificate in Conflict Management

    • Interpret the meaning of conflict
    • Explain the disadvantages associated with conflict
    • Determine role of an individual’s view in conflict
    • Explain the four basic personality types
  • CRM

    Professional Certificate in Customer Relationship Management

    • To study how customer relations is related to other business functions and its importance to the success of the business entity
    • To Study the importance of attitude and customer education as it relates to Customer relationship Management
    • To Understand good Customer relationship Management practices and techniques and how to apply them
    • To know the sound Integrated Marketing Communications plan for Maintaining good Customer relations with latest Technology
  • delivering-effective

    Professional Certificate in Delivering Effective Feedback

    • Understanding the concept of feedback and why it is important
    • Getting an insight into the various types of feedback
    • Knowing what makes feedback effective
    • Identifying the fears associated with feedback
    • Understanding the importance of setting clear goals & expectations
  • effective-communication

    Professional Certificate in Effective Communication

    • Define the importance of communication
    • Explain the process and components of communication
    • Discuss the Types and Flow of Business communication
    • Compare different Types of contexts in communication
  • emotional intelligence

    Professional Certificate in Emotional Intelligence

    • To clearly define emotions and understand the concept & importance of Emotional Intelligence
    • To identify the various skills & competencies associated with being Emotionally Intelligent
    • To derive the linkage between Emotional Intelligence & Job Performance
    • To ascertain the various benefits of being an Emotionally Intelligent person, in relation to professional & personal growth
    emotional intelligence
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